Recommendation for audio capture from mix board (church)


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Hello, so far i have been using the line in on the motherboard to input the sound from the analog sound mixer at our church for the livestream. It seems to be ok for spoken words but as soon as there is music it's getting all gargled up.
I assume a proper audio capture device would help, but it may be something else as well. Open to any option. What would be a device (usb or PCI) that is recommended to be easy, relatively inexpensive to use in this situation? Thanks!


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By all gargled up, am I correct to presume that the OBS mixer is showing solid Red, ie you go into distortion?
if yes, then the capture device isn't the issue. it is your audio mix
Using something like compression might help, but if running Audio Compression on OBS PC, beware CPU impact on top of the already demanding impact of real-time video encoding

For reference, at the church I set up livestreaming for they have a Presonus AR12 USB analog mixer, and I also use an analog output (with gain adapter, convert from XLR out to 3.5mm TRRS input on PC)
And fortunately we have a sound person as a member (who purchased and setup the mixer) who help us configure the audio feed into streaming PC. Simply getting audio into streaming PC isn't adequate for decent sound. You have gain/impedance levels, output level from mixer, and physical setup of motherboard and sound software on streaming PC to consider
For us, we set up a slight difference for Main out (to amp/speakers) for in-house audience, vs the Sub/Aux Out we use for the livestream. Depending on your mixer, you might be able to do the same.

Fortunately for us, we have enough channels, that for the most part a mic is used either for spoken voice, or for singer/music (including pipe organ). So I don't need to be adjusting mics mid-service
For some worship styles, you may need a sound engineer making real-time adjustments to a mixer. Depending on your setup, and number of volunteers, another option is to get a mixer with a digital out (like out Presonus has) and run mixing software on a PC. The challenge with Presonus's Studio One is they didn't have an Audio Out (could output on return channel back to Presonus or to a physical port. But not something OBS can pick up/use [without a loopback adapter)[hence my not going digital audio yet]
- the benefit of running a DAW (digital audio workstation) on the OBS PC is the ability to fine tune audio. the down side is that a whole skill unto itself. We have a dual monitor setup with OBS, Service Bulletin, Livestream host monitoring page, etc on one screen, and PTZ camera control on 2nd screen. Adding a DAW into that mix makes will really challenge the single person at the OBS PC... just something to be aware/consider

in case interested, here were articles that helped me when I started 17 months ago
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By the way ("gargling...") Are you using "noise suppression" plugins in the audio track? Thats good for speech (with transients and breaks in between the words), but absolutely deathly for music. Any kind of sustained note will be harmed by the noise suppression!

Can you provide a sample video showing the issue for us and/or an obs-log, please?