Window capture isnt working.


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I use the latest OBS, when I have to capture specific windows on my PC, I find that OBS can't detect even one window open by me. And this problem happens randomly, I cant make forecast.

For example, I am now opening at least 4 apps, including Chrome, Explorer, Tencent Docs, and WeWork(See my red arrows). However, only the Chrome is detected by OBS.
(Although the display language is Chinese, I think you guys can get it!)

My PC uses i5-9500 with 16GB RAM and GTX 1050ti Graphic Card is on board, OS is Windows10.


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I don't know if what I am about to say is actually the solution, but to give context: I use lightshot for screenshots but if I don't use it with administrator privileges I can't screenshot some apps, including all the apps I use as an admin. Could it be that you are not running OBS as an administrator? If you didn't try already, this MIGHT be the solution, even if this is just a guess with no foundation basically.