1. I

    Can I change Canvas Resolution without stopping the stream/recording?

    I have two monitors, one has an aspect ratio of 5:4 and the other one is 16:10, and I was wondering if there is a way to change the canvas resolution or something so the video output will look ok when I change the scene from a monitor to the other without stopping the stream/recording...
  2. G

    [PT-BR] Ajuda ao configurar saida de video

    Após aceitar o assistente de configuração para otimização da gravação, eu não consigo mais alterar as configurações de video e audio. As mesmas ficam bloqueadas com a seguinte mensagem: A saída de video está atualmente ativa. Por favor, desligue qualquer saida para alterar as configurações de video.
  3. T

    Window capture very choppy

    ive been trying to use window capture for a while now, but i got it to work. The only problem is it is extremely choppy, and goes at around 3fps, which does not fit my needs for streaming. Does anyone know any fixes to increase the frame rate? (im on mac os catalina). thank you!
  4. M

    How to stream audio and video to separate destinations?

    Hey all, We can stream the audio and video feeds from a laptop separately using basic WebAudio and Video APIs in a web page. Can we do this in OBS? We want to process the audio and video on the receiving end separately.
  5. K

    Optimizing video and transparent video sources.

    I'm streaming with NVENC using a GTX 970 and i had ran into encoder issues with choppy output before when i did not optimize my video sources properly, so i wanted to make them as light and easy for the encoder as possible. I have some transparent videos in my scenes, some of them are webcam...
  6. U

    Audio and Video Quality

    Hi, My audio is coming out very staticy and you can hear every other word. as for the video quality sometimes it freeze frames and the quality is trash even though it isn't doing it in game. is there any way to fix this? (also if anyone can recommend a free editing software i would greatly...
  7. A

    Question / Help Videos keep corrupting and are unable to be fast forwarded

    Every time I record a video, they are not able to be used. The video has no end time, I can't move the dot on the timeline of the video, and the time skipping buttons do nothing. It started with really long videos, but now its happening for videos that are just an hour, sometimes even half of...
  8. T

    Question / Help Video clip overlay zoomed in problem

    So the video clips I play for just a couple seconds up in the top right corner of my stream are now zoomed in some how, how can I unzoom these small video clips I have playing through a browser source. Please help. I included 2 pics, first one is how the video is showing up on my obs, very...
  9. F

    Question / Help Hi ,help pls.

    when i am streaming or recording a video for ONLY Video games , everything what should be green on stream or video it shows like a black color , i don't know why , if you know how to solve this problem pls help
  10. K

    Question / Help Video Bad Quality

    I've been trying to get a good video quality for a really long time now but I can't find how to improve it. my videos looks blurry and pixelated even when not uploaded to anything or even edited yet please help. Pc Specs: RTX 2080 i7-9700k 32 GB Ram Recording settings
  11. C

    Question / Help Ryzen 3 3200g w/ OBS

    Can Ryzen 3 3200g encode MP4 video? If not can it encode ANY video? I'm going to use the integrated Vega 8 graphics if I do buy this APU (for a ASRock Deskmini A300 build). I've looked all around the internet to see if it can, but only got results of people streaming with it. Please help..
  12. A

    Question / Help Captura de ventana

    Intento transmitir a facebook un vídeo, al hacer captura de ventana me da una pantalla negra, no puedo ver el vídeo
  13. R

    Question / Help OBS multiple view - 1st user

    I dont know how to solve my question. As it is possible to see from the enclosed image I have on my screen the same view shown multiple times, but I haven'uderstood why and how to remove. Someone could suggest me what to do? Thanks to all Roberto
  14. M

    Question / Help Choppy/laggy play back of recording

    Hey everyone! So im 100% new to all of this recording videos. Me and a friend wanted to make a Youtube channel around reviewing old movies and tv shows. I was trying to record clips from old interviews with some actors who were in the movies and when i go to look at the recording of the video...
  15. E

    Question / Help Question aide.

    Salut chers tous ! Depuis un moment j'ai des difficultés à avoir de bonnes images lors de mes live. J'explique: J'ai essayé de réduire le débit de la sortie vidéo jusqu'à 400 kbps, mais ça n'a rien changé. Pouvez-vous m'aider afin de trouver une solution ?
  16. oberleg

    Question / Help Laptop double AMD video card problem

    Is it really just a solution to put video display in power save mode and not be able to use a stronger video card in my laptop? How can I use the other one, more powerful video card?
  17. BandittoG

    Question / Help Lag after record

    Hi there, i have a problem, when I record everything is fine, after I end recording and open the video it lags and looks like some frames had been skipped! HELP My log file: OBS 25.0.8 (64-bit, windows)
  18. D

    Question / Help Couper la sortie vidéo pour changer Keyframes

    Bonjour, J'espère être au bon endroit pour poser la question : Périscope me demande de baisser les Keyframes. Dans Obs/paramètres/Sorties Je n'arrive pas a ouvrir l'onglet avancé et dans l'onglet vidéo Il est écrit : Veuillez éteindre toutes les sorties avant de modifier vos paramètres vidéo...
  19. G

    Question / Help Automatic scene transitions?

    Hello! I'm pretty new to OBS so I have not been able to explore it fully, but is there a way to create automatic transitions between scenes like an auto-follow cue in QLab? So the scene would only last as long as the Video/Media Source in the scene, then transition into the next scene? Any...
  20. J

    Question / Help <1FPS when recording above 1080p

    My in-game fps is absolutely fine, around 85FPS. When I try to record 1440p or 4K, the videos, when played back, are completely unwatchable, with just a frame every couple of seconds. Any help? PC Specs: i7 8700k GTX 1080ti 16GB drr4 RAM M.2...