Blocky & glitchy video


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So this has happened whilst recording a couple games (fairly difficult to run for my pc, but the fps is always fine whilst i'm recording). the games i've tested it on are Planet Zoo & Subnautica: Below Zero. Its not constant, but the times it does happen are seemingly completely random, though it seems like it happens more when i move my mouse quickly, or a part of the screen changes from white to black quickly (or other contrasting colors).

I've attached 3 screenshots from a short section my footage, where the glitch is highlighted with a red box.

Any help at all would be HUGELY APPRECIATED as i havent found anybody else who's experienced this glitch :) i've also tried reinstalling obs, which didnt work.

there is also a log file attached :)


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Visual artifacting like that can be a symptom of a GPU that is beginning to fail. That's the only time I've personally seen it.