Screen flickering, no idea on issue


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Hi all experts, I'm currently using an Atem mini with a dual camera setup for my live streaming. I mainly stream product presentation on FB for my company. Recently, I have noticed a weird flickering. Thought that it was a problem with my USB port, and I even went down to the PC repair shop, yet the technician suggested that it must be a software issue. Tried the trick to switch off my "Game Mode" (I'm using windows 10, latest version) but this flicker still managed to creep out.

Please take a look at the weird flickering video here:

Thank you.


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Had same issued with 3 cameras and streaming to YouTube with the atem mini extreme. Does anyone have any answer or solution for this? Noting that, my Multiview was not flickering, while I was not streaming, As soon as I hit start stream, the flickering started.


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Did you ever find any solution to this? I'm having the exact same problem (without the ATEM).
Everything looks great. Then, I start streaming, and then the flickering starts (it looks different on different camera inputs, but it happens on all of them).