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Hello i have a 2pc setup for recording with OBS there is a relatively good Gamer PC and a less high-end gamer laptop with the next specs:

Now What I am doing is sending video signal trough NDI into the Laptop and using it for recording(I cant affor capture card rn). So i can game on the main PC with minimal performance loss. I'm recording to the HDD. I'm also making sure that OBS uses the NVIDIA GPU and running it as an adminitrator. (Yep like the most laptops this one have dual gpu aswell). Now lets look at my recording settings(i experimented a lot to find the right settings without success but these are the latest i were using for recording gameplay videos):


I started with auto keyframe interval and 2 max B frames also unticked the Look-ahead and the Visual Tuning. Now that partially fixed my problem but im still getting really annoying FPS drops in the records. I also tested that is it the NDI transmission and recorded OBS monitor screen on my laptop with a phone but it did not show any fps drops, so it must be the recording. I was thinking that would it fix the problem if i record to an SSD and not the HDD. Altho i dont have enough SSD place anywhere to record my footages. ANY help or suggetions will be REALLY appretiated to fix my problem! And i will keep experimenting with the settings aswell. (I was also thinking of OC-ing my laptop's CPU and GPU. Tho i dont really like to OC Laptops cuz of they lacky cooling solutions.)


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OK. I tried to record to an SSD with pretty high quality based settings and no lag happened at all. Problem solved and recording to an SSD was the key.