fps drops

  1. M.A.L

    Sudden lag after last OBS update

    First of all, sorry for the annoyance, but i am still a novice at this and after a while searching for guidance in videos and other posts i am kinda out of options. Straight to the point, i used OBS for the first time a couple of months back for some clip recording (some speedrun attempts) and...
  2. C

    Stream lags (fps drops) but bit rate and in-game fps are stable

    When watch my VOD's I notice that sometimes the fps drops exactly to 19 (you can see it in the video stats of the twitch player). In game everything looks fine, I even use MSI after burner, and the in-game FPS never drpos from 60, but in my streams it looks laggy. I tried streaming at the lowest...
  3. Y

    When I open obs, my in game fps drops.

    Basically what my title says, my fps drops when I open obs and when I record and stream. My specs are https://pcpartpicker.com/user/SeanHB/saved/RqQxgs . Please help me or at least tell me what I can do.
  4. W

    FPS Drops in Recording

    Hello i have a 2pc setup for recording with OBS there is a relatively good Gamer PC and a less high-end gamer laptop with the next specs: Now What I am doing is sending video signal trough NDI into the Laptop and using it for recording(I cant affor capture card rn). So i can game on the main...
  5. R

    Question / Help OBS massive FPS drops, without even streaming!

    Hey guys, my problem is that whenever I have OBS Studio open in the background, (I'm not even streaming!) i got massive FPS drops in all my games. Thats so strange! Weeks ago I was able to stream perfectly in 720p60fps with 5500 Bitrate and stable FPS! Here are my Specs: i7 8700K GTX 1080...
  6. F

    Question / Help Streaming FPS drops with animated overlay

    Hello everybody, today i designed an animated overlay for my stream and tried to test it on stream a few mins ago. The second i activate the Overlay, which is coming from tipeeestream in a browser source, the stream starts lagging and the FPS are jumping around. If i hide the scene the stream...
  7. D

    Question / Help OBS 22.0.2 NDI LAN stream.FPS Drops on preview/stream when the game is full screen

    Hi everyone, I need help, in general, I stream through OBS NDI during a full screen game, on the preview in OBS FPS very drops from 60 to 15-30-40fps(verry laggy), when I minimaze game and open any window,can be it a browser or another program ... FPS on the preview in the game miraculously...
  8. T

    Question / Help My Stream FPS Drops Only in Overwatch and I can't Figure Out Why

    I have a decent computer and whenever I stream Overwatch my FPS goes from 60 to 25 in OBS, but when I stream fallout 76 I can stream without a problem. PC Specs: GPU: GTX 1080 CPU: Intel i7 8700k RAM: 8gb
  9. M

    Question / Help Cannot stream due to huge fps drop

    After Windows 10 October Update streaming became unable for me. FPS is going to down almost to 0 despite of having 60+ ingame. Also CPU load was higher that it used to. As I read here, this's cause of uncompatibility between new nvidia's and intel's driver. Almost 2 months passed and still...
  10. M

    Question / Help Drop Fps in stream , but game not freez

    Hello all,somebody help me. My Hardware: CPU: Intel I7 6700(3.4ghz) VGA:Palit GeForce GTX1070 Gamerock RAM:Corsair Vengeance LPX Schwarz 16GB DDR4 Kit (2x8GB) HDD:Stagate 1tb Motheboard: MSI B150M BAZOOKA POWER:Corsair CX-Series CX550M OS:Windows 10 Pro 64bit Problem: I have a 2a screen, and I...
  11. O

    Question / Help FINALLY FIXED dropped frames issue (while window is focused)

    I have had this annoying issue after 1803 which caused OBS to lose frames while the game window was focused. the following finally fixed it (for now?) 1. click "Win Start" 2. search for "Graphic Settings" 3. the window in the attached image should open up 4. look for the OBS.EXE file 5. set...
  12. K

    Question / Help OBS reducing FPS gradually

    Recently, OBS Studio has been dropping my FPS in my games when I stream for an hour or so. I always limit them to 60fps, until suddenly after an hour they start going down to 50, 40, and so on, and when I stop the stream they stay low for a while until my fps go back to normal in about 10 mins...
  13. K

    Question / Help OBS Studio causing FPS drops

    Recently, OBS Studio has been dropping my FPS in my games when I stream for an hour or so, but when I stop the stream it continues for a while until my fps go back to normal. I've tried updating to the newest version manually, but the problem still continues. This didn't happen before, and my PC...
  14. I

    Question / Help CPU and GPU usage both less than 60% but reduced in game performance! Why?? Oo

    so, here's the thing, i'm streaming for some time now and i really enjoyed it so i decided to buy the new 2700x for streaming and it's just a dream come true, i've never seen cpu usage above 60% and i really am a multi tasker. But, last night i tried to use FaceRig on my channel just to create a...
  15. F

    Question / Help OBS DX7-8-9 Windows Obs Studio causes FPS instability

    Hello. I am speedrunning Harry Potter 2 for the PC and for the last 2-3 months i have been experienceing weird fps instability when using OBS, i was wodering if this was know or if yall know of a setting i might screwed up or something else helpful. Thank you
  16. dististik

    Question / Help Frame rate drop with some games only when game is in focus

    So recently I've been having a little trouble streaming games I used to have no problem with. As of the most recent OBS update, with only some games my frame rate will drop (the video's frame rate itself will go down, I'm not dropping any frames) when that game is in focus. When the game is out...
  17. S

    Question / Help Encoding Overload but low CPU usage

    Streaming since I got this PC has been smooth and i've been gradually increasing settings over the past months, i've had the settings listed below on for like a whole month now and suddenly last night the stream started lagging and dropping FPS, not actual frames dropped but the FPS counter...
  18. J

    Question / Help Frame Drops

    Hello. I have a computer with i5-7500, 8gb of RAM (it's way too expensive), and an RX580. When I try to stream games like PUBG or other relatively low intensive games, my frames always drop as soon as I engage in any combat whatsoever. I have my bit rate set to 3500, my output resolution set to...
  19. H

    Question / Help Insane (OBS) frame drop when tabbed into a game

    I've been dealing with issue for months. Whenever I have a game running (as an example PUBG) and I am tabbed into the game, OBS instantly drops frames. If I tab out of the game (though the game is still running and being captured in OBS), frames are normal and running smoothly. I've tried...
  20. C

    Question / Help Why am I dropping frames?

    I drop frames when I play games on stream. I was wondering If i'm dropping frames because of my computer or my internet.