Question / Help Streaming FPS drops with animated overlay


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Hello everybody,

today i designed an animated overlay for my stream and tried to test it on stream a few mins ago.
The second i activate the Overlay, which is coming from tipeeestream in a browser source, the stream starts lagging and the FPS are jumping around.
If i hide the scene the stream is working better. But even without i sometimes have drops..

For Info:
I rendered the overlay in 60 FPS from After Effects
I tried to set the Browsersource to 60 FPS but i didnt change

My Hardware:
i7 9700K
Z390 PRO Carbon
16 GB Ram
144 Hz Display

Last Log:

Last stream (dont say im ugly):

Thanks for any help.


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Is this an overlay that requires HTML rendering, or is it just a media file? If it's just media, then store it locally and include with a media source. Using the browser source adds a lot of overhead, as well as having to fetch over the network.


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i tried to implement it through tipeeestream and obs with a media file, both times its not working. And i tried it in a scene with only this source, game source and webcam. The overlay is a .webm file