animated overlay

  1. NoeAL

    Free Animated Lower Thirds with Dockable Control Panel v.1.6

    Animated Lower Thrids Animated Lower Thirds with dockable Control Panel - OBS Tool Description With this tool you can use a control panel to add and change your own lower thirds on the fly. Feel free to customize. Basic knowledge of HTML, Javascript and CSS is required. For communication...
  2. Owlyyy

    Question / Help Animated Overlay CPU Problem (SEND HELP XD)

    Hi, I recently got a graphics designer to make a animated overlay for my stream which I believe would elevate it to the next level. The second I place into my stream it fits perfectly and I feel like I am on to a winner here. Then I realise that my CPU suddenly went from 12% to 94%. As soon as...
  3. F

    Question / Help Streaming FPS drops with animated overlay

    Hello everybody, today i designed an animated overlay for my stream and tried to test it on stream a few mins ago. The second i activate the Overlay, which is coming from tipeeestream in a browser source, the stream starts lagging and the FPS are jumping around. If i hide the scene the stream...
  4. Kat.SHAKR


    You can now use Shakr video templates to make overlay videos for your live stream! You’ve probably watched a live stream recently, and you may have noticed, before they start, they have an image or video teasing their live video. Throughout the live stream they also have overlay underneath and...