When Using Animated Overlay for stream, OBS has very high cpu usage


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So when I have another source open (one without the animated overlay) at idle without doing anything, obs is usually 2%, However when I switch to the source with the animated overlay, it spikes up to 20% on idle only. I tried streaming with both sources, I had no problems nor lag when I wasn't using the animated overlay. Using the animated overlay was bringing CPU to 100% usage and heavy lag. I experimented and hid it as well, my game ran smoother. Anyone know the problem here?

Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/jTGSqAiDjHj_ocCB

Also note, the overlay is in AVI file format so we could get it transparent. When i used a WEBM version of it (I encoded original through Handbrake) it had a lot less cpu usage. Could it be its due to the AVI File format? Thanks in advance