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Free Simple Animated Lower Thirds with Control Panel 0.21

This tool builds on the work done by from from1975 with Animated-Lower-Thirds-With-Control-Panel. This tool allows you too create and edit lower thirds and show and hide them easily.

  1. Show and hide lower thirds
  2. Enter up to 10 titles and descriptions pairs
  3. Use multiple logos
  4. Option to display logo or not
  5. Lower thirds information saved on exit of OBS
  6. Basic styles included (easily edited)
Extract files to folder
  1. Download files and unzip
  2. Browse to folder e.g. C:\OBStools\simplelower3rds\lower thirds. These are the key files.
    1. Control Panel: control-panel.html
    2. Browser Source: browser-source.html
  3. Add as a custom dock and change the file path
    1. give it a name e.g. simplelowerthirds
    2. add file path e.g. file:///C:/OBStools/simplelower3rds/lower thirds/control-panel.html
  4. Add as a "Browser Source
    1. uncheck local file
    2. enter e.g. file:///C:/OBStools/simplelower3rds/lower thirds/browser-source.html
    3. The browser source size can be set at 1920x200 or 1280x160 (adjust to your needs)
  1. Remember to update the folder name to reflect your folder.
  2. logos are in the commons/images
  • Prepare: Enter the lower thirds you want to use. The limit is currently 10. You can edit them on the fly.
  • Show and hide lower thirds: To show click on the row, it will turn green. Then click "show" to display and "hide" to remove from the screen
  • Settings: Scroll to the bottom of the control panel for the settings. Here you decide whether to hide logo, select logo, select style and determine whether to show on the left or the right.
OBS. Tested on Windows only.
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Latest updates

  1. Simple Animated Lower Thirds with Control Panel 0.21

    Small fix to last update
  2. Simple Animated Lower Thirds with Control Panel 0.2

    Fixed an issue with logo in slot #4 not showing

Latest reviews

It works on macOS, just follow the procedure as described.
But the titles are too minimalistic for my use.
Still, fantastic work!