2 pc setup

  1. MajorDrumKill

    2 PC setup question (Encoding)

    TL;DR - With a 2 PC Setup, is using RTX Nvenc (new) as the encoder on the dedicated machine still a better option than x264 with a high end CPU such as the 3900x? Hello everyone! Apologies on not being able to provide a log, I am currently at work and decided out of the blue to post this. I...
  2. W

    FPS Drops in Recording

    Hello i have a 2pc setup for recording with OBS there is a relatively good Gamer PC and a less high-end gamer laptop with the next specs: Now What I am doing is sending video signal trough NDI into the Laptop and using it for recording(I cant affor capture card rn). So i can game on the main...
  3. A

    OBS dropping frames when recording to network drive.

    So I'm recording from my streaming PC to a hard drive on my gaming PC using the windows network share feature, but I always get choppy recording compared to when I record to a hard drive on the streaming PC. Is this a known issue or is there a fix to it?
  4. L

    Question / Help 2 PC Stream aber nicht im selben Netzwerk | Möglichkeiten zur Umsetzung ?

    Hey, ich bin momentan auf der suche nach einer (am besten kostenlosen) variante um Stream material von meinem Kollegen auf unseren Streaming PC zu senden, so das wir dann von dort aus mit Nachbearbeitung das ganze live ausstrahlen können. Bisher bin ich da noch nicht fündig geworden und wollte...
  5. S

    Question / Help OBS NDI Frame Rate Progressive Slow Issue

    Hello! I recently was able to make a second dedicated Gaming PC and have been using the OBS NDI Plugin to stream between my gaming PC and streaming PC. Unfortunately, I've recently started experiencing a strange issue where everything is fine on the Gaming PC side (no frame drops, or messages...
  6. C

    Question / Help 2 pc streaming setup

    Hi guys!Today i browsed the youtube and found some clips of streaming tutorials with 2 computers setups and i wondered if i can do that too.I have an i5 6500 skylake and a 1060 6GB on my gaming pc and i plan to buy a gaming laptop.To be more specific i want to buy the acer nitro 5(i5 8300h and...
  7. G

    Question / Help Best settings for i5-7200U? (2 PC setup. Using this as dedicated streaming system)

    Hey, I am new to streaming and to this forum too. I have been playing with OBS settings for like last 2 weeks. I use 2 computers, my desktop (i-5 6500 CPU 3.20GHz) as Gaming PC, and my laptop (i5-7200U CPU 2.50GHz) as streaming PC but the steam suffers with stuttering. I was looking for some...