Question / Help 2 pc streaming setup


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Hi guys!Today i browsed the youtube and found some clips of streaming tutorials with 2 computers setups and i wondered if i can do that too.I have an i5 6500 skylake and a 1060 6GB on my gaming pc and i plan to buy a gaming laptop.To be more specific i want to buy the acer nitro 5(i5 8300h and 1050 4GB) if i happen to be far from home i could play games as usual.Can i do a 2 pc setup with those 2?I am asking here because i don't want to put my laptop under high stress and just lose it after some time.How would it perform in terms of cpu usage and quality?If you have more things to add feel free to do so and let me know if i can stream like this.It would be nice to try to stream because i also have a 1GB internet pack that has like 500MB upload.


Why waste your money on buying multiple mediocre PCs when you can pool your money to get one good PC that can do everything.

Both computers are weak, both will struggle with x264. Use NVENC on one PC and call it a day.

The laptop will be good for doing laptop things, leave the encoding to your main PC, there will be no benefit of using the laptop for encoding because you will be forced to use NVENC anyways.

High quality streaming, the kind people do with a stream PC, requires an 8-16 core / 16-32 Thread CPU, the CPU alone at times will be more expensive than your entire PC or laptop.