Controlling video playlists : having a mascot/digital Pet


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This is my first time posting here, and I hope I'm in the right section. Moreover, I tried to look online for a solution, but I'm not sure what keywords to use in order to fin the solution.

I am an occasional french (micro)streamer, and I'm thinking of streaming more often, so I'm trying to create nice overlays and others.

I created a little "pet" for my twitch overlay, and also a small video animation "normal pet" for it, which I play on a 20 sec loop. So far, everything's OK !

But I also created small alternatives animations (5 sec), for example, "angry pet", "happy pet", "sad pet" ... For those animations, the start and the end are exactly the same as for "normal pet", so they can loop with it. And here is my problem.

[ You can watch the first 2 animations right here (google drive) ]

What I want to to have is :
- my "normal pet" to loop "infinitely" if nothing happens,
- the alternative animations to play one time between the running loop and the next loop when I press on the dedicated input (for example : "F12" for "angry pet", "F11" for "Happy pet" etc ...)

If I try to schematize it we can have :
[nothing happens] "normal pet" - "normal pet" - "normal pet" - "normal pet" - (...) - "normal pet" - [F12] - end of current "normal pet" - "angry pet" - "normal pet"- "normal pet"- "normal pet" - [F11] - end of current "normal pet" - "Happy pet" - "normal pet" - "normal pet" - "normal pet" (...)

(My final goal is to be using this with Lioran board, in order to let my viewers control it with chain points, that's something else, but it can be good to mention it)

Do someone know how I can make it happened ? I assume it will be through scripts or/and plugins !

Anyway, thank you for reading me and I hope you will be able to help me =D



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Hi !

I figured out a solution, using "Advanced scene Switcher" and multiples macros.
If someone need the solution, just ask, and I'll explain it here.

Bye ! =D


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I will gladly take an explanation if you have the time to type it out.

Would love to add a little mascot to my stream without using a kappamon.