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OBS Python Powerpoint slide window navigation using OBS hotkey 1.0

I was using OBS for live broadcast for Church Service.
I have been using Powerpoint to show the slides even before OBS
and using one computer, navigating Powerpoint and OBS at the same time was a challenge.

So, I searched solutions to do that.
One of the candidate was AutoHotKey, but OBS didn't work that well with AutoHotKey,
meaning when I wrote script to control OBS from AutoHotKey, OBS ate up the keys,
even though Powerpoint works great with AutoHotKey's Send() command.

So, I dig further and found the python script in OBS might be another candidate.
I combined Python "win32com.client" module to automate Powerpoint from OBS Python script,
and assigned the hotkey to navigate slides in Powerpoint without leaving OBS.
It works great and I want to share it within community who developed awesome software.

In the script,
'powerpoint_slides.first', 'powerpoint_slides.previous', '', and 'powerpoint_slides.last' are provided that can be used when Powerpoint is in presentation mode.
Assign any hotkey in OBS to those commands in Settings, then you can control Powerpoint slide navigation from OBS.

Thank you.
- James.
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It is just exactly what I have been looking for and it works great!! Thanks a millon for developing and sharing this script!
If you open obs studio with administrator, then your PPT must also be opened with administrator, otherwise the script will throw an error.
Works perfect. Control the slideshow from OBS using hotkey. This is exactly what I am looking for.