Recording from Powerpoint


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I'm trying to record a powerpoint presentation. Someone has ben very creative animating slides and recording voice overs, but for reference a movie is requested rather than the ppt. However I'm having trouble recording audio.

I'm using:
Windows 10, OBS 26.1.0 (64-bit)

What I've done after reading the forum:
- Checked if using 64-bit, since issues exist with the 32bit version?
- Selected the appropriate audio device as desktop audio. (heck.. I've tried them all)
- Have added additional audio sources (all posibilities, but mic)
- Deselected all other tracks than the first in the advanced screen
- Changed the audio monitoring dropdown to all different options, but the right one I suppose

What I'm seeing:
The screen is recorded. The Audiomixer does show an audio signal, which I assumed should be good news. However video still ends up quiet.

What have I missed?



Not answering your question, but as a possible workaround: are you aware the Microsoft Powerpoint at the Save As... dialog provides the option to save as mp4?