1. M

    No Game Sound

    I stream from my ps5 through a capture card to my laptop and everything works great except have no game sound. I have tried changing a bunch of settings with no luck. Anyone else having this issue or that knows how to fix it?
  2. J

    I can't put into words how frustrating OBS is

    I have posted on this forum so many times and nothing has helped. I switched from Mp4 to Mkv, I tried adjusting the delays on each mic. Nothing is working and it's getting so damn ridiculous. I might even shutdown my podcast studio because it's almost losing money with how many hours I'm...
  3. I

    Regarding the Intermittent Stutter Issue :O

    I don't think there's much the OBS team can do, since it seems to be an issue with how certain hardware configs interact with Windows 10/11, so we probably have a better chance of resolving the issue by informing Nvidia and Microsoft. AMD and Intel if necessary. While some people have found...
  4. C

    Trying to install OBS and getting error message everytime

    every time I've tried to install I'm met with the same error message that makes no sense. "OBS files are being used by the following application: Microsoft Edge Please close these applications and to continue setup" I literally don't use microsoft edge nor is it open on my PC. I've tried...
  5. L

    Recording from Powerpoint

    Hi, I'm trying to record a powerpoint presentation. Someone has ben very creative animating slides and recording voice overs, but for reference a movie is requested rather than the ppt. However I'm having trouble recording audio. I'm using: Windows 10, OBS 26.1.0 (64-bit) What I've done after...
  6. S

    HELP pls

    So im trying to download OBS for the first time and it keeps giving the error "OBS files are being used by the following applications: Microsoft outlook accounts" but I have no idea what that is and cant figure it out how to fix it