Question / Help Power Point slideshow pausing media when switching windows to OBS


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Does anyone have a solution for Power Point pausing media playback during the slideshow when changing active windows? I have the screen OR window capture in OBS set to grab the Power Point Slide Show that is displayed on a second screen. I have OBS and the Power Point Presenter windows open on the first screen. WHEN PLAYING ANY AUDIO OR VIDEO MEDIA, if I click on the OBS window (or ANY window, or even "show task bar on the presenter pane) the media pauses and stops playing. If I click back on the presenter view, the media continues. I can still do a screen transition, but the media is paused while I do it. If I am not playing any media, or it is a "still" slide, I have no issues. I can advance in presenter just fine, and I can transition in OBS just fine. Just not while playing media. This is a problem that happens when trying to change into ANY window, not just OBS. The problem appears to be within Power Point. Anyone have any ideas?


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PowerPoint animations will continue when PowerPoint isn’t in focus when the slide show is set to window mode.
  1. From the slide show tab
  2. Click setup slide show
  3. Choose browsed by individual windows