A Dedicated Window in OBS Docks


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I know that this is quite useless but I'm just wondering if there is a plug-in or tool that would let me put a dedicated window (in my case, the presenter view of MIcrosoft Powerpoint) in OBS Docks?

We are running mainly only on one machine and the alt-tab is kinda stressful for the livestream operator especially at times of quick changes.

Or if ever, is there a setting that would let me prioritize that window to be always on top of obs? Thank you


You should be able to do this with Source Dock
1) Create a scene with the PowerPoint
2) Create a source dock using the scene you created in step 1
3) Dock it at the bottom of the screen or let it float

A second monitor REALLY helps for stuff like this. If the cost is an issue, you may be able to find one for free (on FreeCycle) or for $20 at a local Salvation Army/Goodwill store.

Here is our setup:

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