Unsatisfied with Image quality of window capture for PPT-presentation.


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I am not satisfied with the image quality of window capture for a ppt presentation. Compared to the image quality from using the record slideshow function in powerpoint it is worse. I am attaching image examples (the image on the left is from OBS recording and the image on the right is from recording in powerpoint and as you can see the recording from OBS is more blurry. I would appreciate if the image quality for window capture could be improved in OBS and if it is a settings issue. Thank you in advance, A
image comparison.png
Screenshot 1.png
Screenshot 2.png
Screenshot 3.png


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I could be completely wrong, but was recommended by someone else recently
Check your Scene Source -> Scale Filtering on your PPTx window/display capture. Is that Disabled, or ?? The recommendation I recently read was to use/try Bicubic instead.


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Thank you for your reply Lawrence. I tried your suggestion and set the Scale filtering to "Bicubic" (it was disabled before), however, no change and still more blurry image quality on OBS compared to the Powerpoint recorded slideshow. Any other suggestions?