Extremely bad ping while streaming LoL


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I've been wanting to stream mostly League of Legends for a while now but I have super bad internet (while not streaming I have 50 ping, while streaming it goes from 70-150), while most of the people in tutorials have worse internet than me and can stream games with good ping (I have 2/mbs upload speed while they have 0.5 - 0.9/mbs upload speed). I've seen barely any change after messing with my settings.

Logs - https://obsproject.com/logs/t_C3EMtWdCEd-3O4


Simple Physics

game have different data need to send some times more some times less
exampe a default datapack of X needs 25ms to send if you send no data (no stream)
same X datapacks need 50ms to send if you use 50%+ of your connection for stream

Every data you send or recive use "confirm" send/recive packets (overhead)

default rule 90% success even lower your max upload you need more free space
like 40Mbit upload you can use 50-60% without issues
if you have 2Mbit upload you can use 20-30% without issues