Encoding Lag When Recording In High FPS for Minecraft


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So I am wanting to record Minecraft in a high fps so that I may frame blend it and create motion blur. I have an RTX 2080ti and a Ryzen 5 3600x CPU and I find that other YouTubers are able to record in 480 fps but that they are in advanced recording mode. When I record in simple mode, I cannot record in 480 fps due to the amount of encoding lag, but it allows me to record in and around 240fps. When I record using the advanced tab I am able to record in 480 fps until I start playing Minecraft and then my game gets choppy in the recording, but if I am just recording myself doing something on the screen, there is almost no encoding lag. Btw I have 32gb of ram. So for right now I am recording in 240fps in simple mode and am still receiving minimal encoding lag so I just roll with it. By the way, I have a base canvas resolution of 1440, but I use the downscale filter bilinear to output it to 1080p. One last thing to note is that my PC is the pretty optimized meaning I run above at least 900 and up to 2000 fps on lunar client Minecraft. Is it possible that my PC might not be powerful enough to record 480 fps, or is it possible that some settings are messing me up? I recorded a simple screen capture in simple mode at 480 fps and the encoding lag shoots through the roof - https://obsproject.com/logs/7KtX_oH3sLQm7mHl

I have tried watching tutorials and finding the best mc recording settings and nothing seems to work well. Any ideas on what might be the problem or what I should do to lower encoding lag? Btw one last thing I have my process priority on high in the obs settings and in the task manager. Hope this makes sense, thanks!