encoding overload

  1. H

    Encoding overload - was never an issue until about 2 months ago?

    As title says, I have only just recently run into this problem where I get notified by OBS that I have run into an encoding issue, none of my settings have changed and my hardware is fairly beefy, but it usually happens when switching scenes, sometimes it happens at random while I'm on any given...
  2. C

    New to OBS, rx5700 & 3900x, what kind of settings should I use? Video is stuttery?

    Hi there! I have a new build PC, nothing spectacular but quite capable for most consumer tasks, I have an rx5700 and Ryzen 9 3900x, I have tried several settings in OBS while trying to record War Thunder just as a test and the best outcome I got was where the initial recording, whilst I was in...
  3. A

    Can't stream my Unreal Engine or PUBG (but all the others games seems fine)

    Hello folks, my name is Algost i've been using OBS since 2012~ i watch a lot of content creator about OBS update and plugin because i'm curious and i'm interest by this topic, i think i know how OBS work, but these days i have a issue and i don't know what to do, so i come here you hear the...
  4. E

    OBS Develops Rendering Lag/Encoder Overload Over Time

    I'm hoping to see if someone can spot the source of my issue as I tried to explore different options. I noticed while streaming Sea of Thieves over a long period of time that I will eventually begin developing rendering lag and encoder overload as I continue to stream longer. At first, I thought...
  5. T

    HELP! Inconsistent FPS/ Encoding Overload

    Can anybody help guide me in the right direction? I am using OBS to record Zoom meetings and cannot maintain even 30 FPS and occasionally will get the encoding overload message in the bottom. My laptop specifications are below and I am attaching a log. Internet upload is 386/ download is 23.3...
  6. V

    Overloads, slowdown and issues in recording. Please help me!

    I need urgent help. During December, I've noticed some lines on the monitor, a visual issue, and a month later, my father sent my PC at the assistance center in Milan to fix the problem. It was sent back at mid January, but two weeks after I got it back, the problem starts. I first noticed it on...
  7. Errorbot

    Encoding Overload Removing VAST Chunks of My Recording, What Do I Do?

    For the longest time, I have not used OBS. This is because my laptop's specs are abysmal and I could not find any way to optimize it (like I did with Minecraft.) Because of that, I used FBX as it would be really good for low-end pcs. Sadly, I have found out that does pose not allow you to record...
  8. MarkoKdeleron

    Nvenc encoding overloaded.

    I keep getting encoding overloaded. My specs: RTX 2080 ti. Intel core i9-9900k
  9. D

    Encoding Overload on RTX 3070 and Ryzen 7 5800x

    Il put the log files etc in this post so someone can figure it out. Look I know I have a really good PC I have 32GB ram too to go with my really good GPU and CPU and yet I stream and record and get this overloading issue, Look IT IS NOT MY PC been OVERWORKED before someone says that because I...
  10. M

    persistent GPU encoder lag, skips, and overload with 3080 Ti and 3950x CPU

    Hi! I'm really hoping someone can help me, I've been troubleshooting something that started happening a couple months ago and still can't find an old topic that helps or quite fits. Sorry for how long this is, trying to be as thorough as I can! My PC specs are: Windows 10 Pro (21H2)...
  11. J

    OBS Won't Stop Recording on High - End PC (RTX 3070)

    Hi guys! I was recording a Warzone gameplay, paused and resumed the recording several times, accdientaly started some streams but cancelled them inmediately, all of that for an approximately 25-minute final recording, I stopped the recording, and then it got stuck. It had happened to me also one...
  12. Z

    Occasional Encoding Overload

    I have been researching this issue for almost two months and still have yet to find a resolution so here I am. GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Processsor i7 5820k Ram: 32gb Recording Format: mkv remux to mp4 Encoder: Nvidia NVENC H.264 (new) Rate Control: CQP CQ Level: 14, 16, 18, 20 (Have tested...
  13. Telling Or Something Like

    Help with laggy OBS

    I have been trying to film a video in obs for a while now. I have two problems: 1. OBS' framerate is terrible, and it was never bad like this. 2. Whenever I start recording it starts streaming - How do I fix that? It says "Encoding overload!" or something like that, and tells me to lower the...
  14. I

    Encoding overload, despite cpu and gpu being at 30-40% ussage.

    Hi So I am trying to stream and I keep getting encoding overload at points, but I had task manager up and it said that my cpu and gpu were around 30% maby 40% at the max. Also the game I'm playing (batman arkham asylum) is not very demanding and is running at 30fps, so I wouldn't the gpu would...
  15. S

    Encoding overload issues

    I will cut straight to the point. Streaming games seems fine, but when I try to record tthe same games it just flops with encoding overload. I had PC with GTX 1060 and didn't have such problems like I do now. Help is very much appreciated. PC statistics: GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti CPU...
  16. S

    Been Struggling to Record Only Gameplay for Months. Please Help.

    Ever since late April of last year, I've been trying to record just gameplay (mostly from my Xbox One & PS4 Pro consoles) for a project on YouTube. Only gameplay. Streaming has been fine to great but it seems to be recording that always seems to be having problems, the encoding overloaded kind...
  17. S

    Encoding Lag When Recording In High FPS for Minecraft

    So I am wanting to record Minecraft in a high fps so that I may frame blend it and create motion blur. I have an RTX 2080ti and a Ryzen 5 3600x CPU and I find that other YouTubers are able to record in 480 fps but that they are in advanced recording mode. When I record in simple mode, I cannot...
  18. K

    i have a high end pc and my obs still has encoding overload issues

    i have a ryzen 9 5900x 3080 and 32 gb of ram but for some reason when i record( usually fortnite which i play at 240fps) i get encoding overloads and it seems no matter how much i change my setting i still get them, i posted my log files from one of my recordings, is there anything im doing wrong?
  19. J

    h265/HEVC encoder corrupting?

    whenever i record a video with the h265/HEVC encoder its perfect, no encoding overload, no fps drops. then i go and look at it, it wont open. ive tried putting it in vegas and its just the video that messed up. the h264/AVC encoder works, but horrible, always encoding overload. help any1? :p...
  20. Br1ght

    Encoding Overloaded!

    Hi everyone, I have two questions. I've been geting that "Encoding Overloaded!" message in the bottom left corner of my OBS in quite a while now. I've been searching on the internet what it exactly does & what happens. Some people are saying that it makes you drop frames, but i still get 0%...