frames skipped due to encoding lag

  1. JustMordecai

    What is a normal percentage of missed/skipped frames due to lag?

    I'm currently getting 0.8% for both frames missed and frames skipped from playing Valorant with Discord, Spotify, SteelSeries GG and Opera GX in the background. I've also got Replay Buffer enabled with settings from the auto-wizard and I'm not recording or streaming. My CPU utilization is pretty...
  2. Akilis

    Slight loss of frames from OBS 28

    Hello there, I know it's been talked about a billion times but I've never really found a solution - apart from downgrading to 27.0 - and with the new 29.0 version I couldn't fix it either. So maybe I can't search, maybe I don't use the right keywords, anyway here I am today. The problem is...
  3. R

    Frames skipped due to encoding lag

    Hello, I've been constantly having an issue with skipped frames due to encoding lag. I've looked all over online to find a fix for this, but everything I've tried has not resolved my issue. I'm not sure what else to do. PS. I often use 100K of Bitrate the video never lagged, today with 50K the...
  4. hazzer

    Recording has a few dropped frames

    Hey, I am experiencing problems with recording. Whilst recording in game everything is smooth and fine, but watching back through the recorded footage there are a few dropped frames. Not a lot, but still noticeable whilst watching the footage. I made a log and I'll link it down below. Is there...
  5. N

    Been Using OBS sense 2018

    Hello, I have been streaming on OBS for a very long time with the same settings I try streaming this pass Friday and it keeps giving me a red bar. Like the frames are dropping so bad. Which makes no sense I been streaming with these settings for years. I check my internet connections, I check my...
  6. Y

    Skipped frames due to encoding lag even though my cpu is used at about 50% in task manager, and obs is stating it's using the cpu at about 5%

    the "Skipped frames due to encoding lag" keep going up even though my cpu is used at about 50% in task manager, and obs is stating it's using the cpu at about 5% log file
  7. Ca9ine

    Dedicated streaming PC has started getting severe encoding lag.

    So, like the title says; my streaming pc has all of a sudden started getting severe encoding lag recently. I've had the same preset and same settings for years without a single issue, but now recently it's going haywire. Removing the custom X264 options makes no difference. I was hoping someone...
  8. S

    Encoding Lag When Recording In High FPS for Minecraft

    So I am wanting to record Minecraft in a high fps so that I may frame blend it and create motion blur. I have an RTX 2080ti and a Ryzen 5 3600x CPU and I find that other YouTubers are able to record in 480 fps but that they are in advanced recording mode. When I record in simple mode, I cannot...
  9. O

    Encoding issues and skipping frames out of nowhere?

    A few days ago, I noticed that I was getting performance warnings in both OBS and SLOBS. It was alerting me that frames were being "skipped" and not "dropped." This started happening seemingly out of nowhere. I hadn't made any changes and I'd never had this issue before. I've tried running as...
  10. ImColder

    HELP!!! Ryzen 9 5900x Dropping Frames using x264 Medium

    Yesterday I upgraded from my Intel Core i5 4690k to a Ryzen 9 5900x, and after running some test recordings I noticed my new "Beast Of A CPU" wasn't really holding up the way I had seen in YouTube videos and reviews... I was trying to record Apex Legends (ultra low settings) at 720p60 using...
  11. V

    Low CPU usage but dropping frames below 30 FPS

    I've tried every combination of settings and read all the forum posts I can here to troubleshoot, but I am totally stumped. Here is the last log file of the OBS recording that was going well for a few minutes around 5-10% CPU usage but this will happen for a bit and then the recording suddenly...
  12. N

    bug images twist during a live with capture card

    Hi, i have an issue while streaming on OBS, i want to stream Zelda BOTW with an acquistion card but when i go on live with my webcam on, there is a lot of "crushed" " bugs" images. it doesnt do that at all when im only recording i dont understand , i tried everything can somebody help me please...
  13. jvmc

    FPS and frames (rendering and encoding, NOT INTERNET) dropping suddenly during transmission.

    The title is self-explanatory. The problem happens suddenly, after approximately 30min/1h30min of transmission, and, sometimes, it "corrects" itself. It usually lasts more than half an hour. Which is extremely annoying. I've tried everything. All possible configurations. Both output and video. I...
  14. B

    Skipped frames due to encoding lag, some missed frames too

    Hi i have tried everything i think but I just can't get my recordings to work ever since the season 2 COD cold war/warzone update. I'm also getting the "encoding overloaded" message. here are some logs of my attempts:
  15. S

    A lot of skipped frames when recording in 2K resolution

    I've been getting choppy recordings, exclusively when recording in a 2K resolution format, I messed around with the settings a bit and I also get choppy footage when recording in a high framerate (anything above 165 frames per second). 1080p resolution works fine, but I am looking to record at...
  16. N

    Question / Help Frames Missed and Frames Skipped help. Memory leak issue?

    Ok so my system is a i7 9700k cpu 2080 Super msi gaming egde ac 16 GB ram i've been streaming a bit and noticed lately i have been getting alot more missed and skipped frames. I have tried alot of stuff to fix it. Messed with every setting i can think of but could not figure it out. So i...
  17. J

    Question / Help Encoding Lag, Can't Figure Out Why

    Will anyone be able to help me as I sometimes get crazy high encoding lag and I can't figure out why. Most of the time it will stay at around 2% or less, but at times it can reach as high as 40% of a recording. The log is posted below and I recorded multiple files in a 6 or so hour span. The...
  18. M

    Question / Help Suffering from excessive skipped frames when recording 1080p locally

    Hi all. I need help on how to fix/tweak my OBS or system settings to avoid encoding lag when recording a game locally. Take note, i am not streaming. I can play Dota 2 on all high settings and over 60+ fps (capped using nvidia settings). I've tried to experiment with the settings and all and...
  19. J

    Bug Report OBS Frames Skipped and Dropped and InGAME FPS DROP

    i have been using this update of OBS with my setup streaming daily every day, for about last 2 weeks, without no problem BUT today and yesterday experienced issues with high in game DROP FRAMES that where not normal couse never hapenned even recording in higher bitrates and fps drops in the OBS...
  20. user7791

    Question / Help Frames missed/skipped due to rendering/encoding lag

    I don't stream because my ISP won't let me have more than 3Mbps upload speed (copper hard lines...) so I record and post the videos. Since the latest Windows and Radeon GPU update, OBS has been missing and skipping frames due to encoding and rendering latency. I've searched online for a...