Dedicated streaming PC has started getting severe encoding lag.


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So, like the title says; my streaming pc has all of a sudden started getting severe encoding lag recently.
I've had the same preset and same settings for years without a single issue, but now recently it's going haywire.
Removing the custom X264 options makes no difference.

I was hoping someone could have a look at my log file and tell me what's going on.
Is my Ryzen 7 2700X all of a sudden starting to kneel? Is it the Windows 11 upgrade that is causing this?

The PC does absolutely NOTHING else other than run OBS and encode the stream with the same sources and scene I've always used.
Nothing has changed, and nothing has been added. I also notice stingers drop the FPS sometimes, and stingers with track matte cause severe lag.

This last stream I set tune to zerolatency to see if it would help, it did for a while, but after about 4 hours the encoding lag started again.
7000+ frames dropped in a real short while, with not much going on in the scene at all.
The VOD looks like crap, and I'm really unhappy with the quality skimping on the tune. Turing NVENC looks FANTASTIC compared.

Thanks for your time.


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It is recommended to leave the Preset value on veryfast, as there are significant diminishing returns to setting it lower.


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Thermal paste...

I did however grab and install an AIO water cooler to be safe too.
Now ALL is good again.