Game fps high but stream extremely laggy (even with high speed internet)


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I am trying to stream Trackmania 2020 on YouTube. There's no drop in fps in game (it's like 120fps minimum) when I stream but when I watch the stream on YouTube it's literally like OBS captures 1 frame every 5 or 10 seconds and displays it like a slideshow. So whole stream is just a series of pictures with 1st picture at start point, 2nd halfway through the track (in game) and 3rd at the end. (other games work fine like CSGO)

Also, when I am in the game menu - streams resumes at normal fps.

I know it's not the internet as I have tried streaming at 3000kbps to 25000kbps without any issue except this laggy stream. Even the sound on the stream is fine, only stream fps drop way too much.

Can someone please explain what's the issue? I've tried almost every setting (for encoders, bitrate, output settings etc) I have attached all the log files for the test streams I did today.



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