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I'm having some stuttering issues when recording Halo Infinite, but I've also noticed the issue with Genshin Impact. It only appears on recordings -- I have no problems in OBS Studio or in-game. Every few seconds I see what appears like dropped frames, the recording "pauses" like it's trying to catch up. I've looked over the forums and it feels like I'm running into encoding lag. I tried a lot of the suggestions (disabling Xbox Game Bar, turning off PVT, running OBS as admin, etc.) but I'm having no luck. I'm recording in MKV and remuxing afterwards. I'm also recording to my external SSD.

Just to test I went back to NVIDIA Shadowplay and the problem disappeared. I'd really prefer to use OBS since it records in CFR so I don't have any wacky problems in Premiere Pro while editing footage.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


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I did a fresh install of OBS and that didn't help. I think I found the issue: my SSD is failing. I started recording to another drive and have had no issues since.