1. H

    OBS recording laggy while Minecraft gameplay is smooth

    so I'm trying to record some Minecraft gameplay and my footage is recoding all laggy -I'm using window capture mode (as this stops my actual game from lagging) -I'm on a 2015 MacBook pro Specs: -2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i -16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 -AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2 GB Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB...
  2. W

    My recordings are laggy

    For some reason my recordings come out very laggy, my webcam is usually okay, there is a small delay and periodic lag, but my gameplay is always very choppy. My cpu usage never goes above about 20% but I get a lot of dropped frames and its super choppy Log files...
  3. A

    Video slowing down, then speeding up (What is my bottleneck?)

    Hi everyone. We've somewhat recently started doing short streams and recording videos. However, all my knowledge on this stuff is based on streaming 8 years ago so it's all a bit scuffed for the time being I guess. Now we have a Logitech Rally camera as a video input. This camera is...
  4. T

    Media Share stutter on Mac OSX - OBS 27.0.1

    Just updated to the newest version of obs with browser docks and everything. Browser sources is very laggy even with hardware acceleration on (or off for that matter) Streamlabs media share is not working in this update. Videos that play in that browser source is fine for a couple of hours...
  5. C

    SIMPLY STARTING OBS causes stutter/lag in all games

    Hello everyone I have been streaming/recording for a couple of months now, and after a lot of help from the internet I had been ''successfully'' utilizing this amazing program. However, I noticed something strange, these last couple of weeks, as the title clearly says. I have done some testing...
  6. Cody&TylerSTUDIOS

    Slight Lagging While Recording And A Slight Bit Of Crackling Audio And Laggy Audio

    Ok, So I Was Recording A Video For My YouTube Channel And Used OBS To Record The Video With Elgato HD60s And There's Still A Little Bit Of Lag With Crackling And Laggy Audio, Is There Any Way That I Can Fix This Issue? OBS Log Here: OBS Log
  7. lubomir.kosper

    OBS random drops frames (Not running, CPU and GPU low performance)

    Hi guyz, I have trubble in last time but problem occured without change something in OBS (I think). Stats are showed in OBS and "FPS" drops from 60 to something between 51-56 and return back to 60. Its occured while streaming and while inactive status too (the same issue). I have good CPU...
  8. J

    Network Lag with Good internet?? since OBS update

    Hello all, I am a new streamer but ever since the OBS update before this recent one that just came out I have been having very very VERY bad network dropped frames. Before the update, I was using 60 fps, 1280x720, and bitrate of about 3500. Additionally, my internet download and upload speeds...
  9. F

    my mouse freezes every 3 seconds while recording

    logs: when i start recording my cursor freezes every 3 seconds. here's some footage of it (i included cpu and RAM percentage from task manager + my obs settings): I don't think its mouse's fault...
  10. S

    OBS opens and lags the game very much.

    I play game normally it give me 175 fps (with lunar client minecraft). And i start OBS i get 15-30 fps. I record with game bar and it stays with the same 175 fps. Please help how to fix this? thanks in advance
  11. FancyGeronimo

    Heavy Encoder Issues Starting 05-28-21

    Hello All, Im a small streamer looking for help resolving some issues with my Encoder overloading during stream and possibly some other issues. On the day in the title, I had a particularly rough stream: encorder overloaded error, the game (Nuclear Throne) was lagging, then eventually the...
  12. B

    PS4 gameplay & camera are laggy/losing frames...

    Hello! I'm having issues with capturing my PS4 gameplay. I have a 2019 MacBookAir (not the best, I know) and decent capture card and webcam. My first video, only the sound was off, and I was able to manually sync the sound and video when editing. This second video I'm trying to do is absolutely...
  13. A

    OBS recording of Minecraft gameplay ends up laggy

    Hey there guys, I hope you all are having a great day. I've just recently started getting into recording lets plays. I haven't been able to release anything yet because every time I try I end up doing something wrong and learn from my mistakes. This time I thought I had everything figured out...
  14. veiledparadox

    Choppy recordings, other threads not helping

    Hey! I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place, since I just made my account today. I've been having some issues with OBS, and I remember having this same issue in the past with an older version. I somehow fixed it back then, but I can't remember what I did. Basically, I use OBS to...
  15. U

    OBS is lagging in footage and recording, and is replaying audio twice

    I'm trying to record a video, and my capture card is hooked up, audio is working, except its lagging. So I stop recording and look at the footage, and the audio is playing twice, AND the lag in here. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  16. northstar_

    encoding lags randomly after a bit of recording, and i need to wait to start recording smoothly again.

    could anyone give me some settings for either streaming and recording separately and, if possible, together too? Ryzen 7 5800X, RX 5700 (yes, i know, big bottleneck but i plan to upgrade sometime,) and 32gb 3200mhz i have way more than enough storage dont even worry about it i'm using an HD60 S...
  17. R

    Big Sur Streaming Dropped frames on Custom Server

    Hello, I have a particular problem and have been through all of the usual recommendations on troubleshooting dropped frames and connectivity issues. I am going to outline my setup and then describe the problem. Streaming System 1 [Disconnecting]: 6-core 2018 Mac Mini MacOS Big Sur...
  18. V

    Minecraft recording issues

    I have a lot of problems recording minecraft with obs. The main one being, the recording lags and stutters so much, whereas while im recording there is virtually no lag. i'm really confused as to why this keeps happening, and am open to any suggestions. thanks a lot for any help! im on a laptop...
  19. X

    I have a good pc and internet but mi streams is lagging

    Hi! as it says in the title, i have a good pc and internet but mi streams is lagging. I don't know why that happens because around 2 weeks mi streaming was very good, but one day to another it started to go wrong. this is the log file: I have not...
  20. T

    Dropped frames and stream laggy

    Hello! I need help with my obs. So When i try to stream games on twitch it is very laggy and choppy and I drop about 70% of my frames. I already turned down the frame rate, resolution, bit rate and changed my x264 preset. I am just wondering if it is because I have bad wifi? My average bit rate...