NDI streaming lag


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Hi, I was trying to setup NDI to use my 2-PC setup to stream and it works but the source I receive on the streaming PC is laggy at times. I tried monitoring network usage with windows task manager and it turns out that when I see the source going smoothly network usage is at around 130Mbps, while when I see it lagging it is far lower (50Mbps and below).
I don't understand what can cause this as I have both my PCs connected to the same router via ethernet cables (gigabit ofc).
I don't know if it matters but my internet speed is very good (300mbps download and upload).

My PC specs are:
Gaming PC:
RTX 2070 Super
16GB DDR4 3200MHz

Streaming PC (it's a laptop):
Ryzen 7 5700U
RTX 3050Ti (Laptop version)
16GB DDR4 3200MHz

I think the main issue should be something that regards local network speed and stability, but I have no clue how to even start troubleshooting it.
Thanks in advance for your time and help :)


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Here's some info I found useful when I was using NDI.


  • adding-ndi-to-your-network Rev. 1.pdf
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  • NewTek NDI Problem Solving Rev. 2 02-14-18.pdf
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I installed and setup NDI and now the video source has 0 stutters, 0 lag and works like a charm. The issue I have now which I didn't have before is about the audio, how can I transfer all the audio I have on my gaming pc (input + output) to the streaming pc? With the OBS plug-in it came already together, while NDI Screen Capture (I'm using Screen Capture HX) makes me choose only between "Default Audio Input" and "Default Audio Output". You have any suggestions about that? Even a 3rd party program can work for me


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If you use the regular screen capture (Non HX), OBS should be able to receive it.
I tried using the regular screen capture but it makes the video source lag exactly like OBS NDI plug-in, so I am still forced to use Screen Capture HX. I managed to work around this issue using a 3rd party program called SonoBus that basically streams audio over local network, so I stream my microphone with SonoBus and my desktop audio directly with NDI.
Thanks for your help man, appreciate it :)


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Having some issue after updating NDI. Prior to the update I had not issues.

32GB Ram

Comp2 - streaming
32Gb Ram

1gb Fios
OBS Studio - 29.1.3
NDI - 4.11
NDI Runtime