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OBS Python Recording Renamer 1.2

This script was forked and overhauled from the OBS-Rec-Rename script developed by pjw29 for their own use so shout out to them for the foundation for this script.

This script is largely for my own personal use as well but it is functional enough and I feel it is useful to the community and decided to share. Caveat: My programming skills are still limited. Support will be limited and future updates/functionality have no ETA. I will happily review and include any PR's people may want to submit.

As of version 1.0, this only works with Twitch stream info so is only viable for local recordings of Twitch streams. When a recording is finished or a replay is saved, it polls your channel's current or most recent game name and stream title and appends these to the filename.

Example filename:
<original filename format as configured in OBS> - VOD/REP - Channel - Game Name - Stream Title.ext

So far this is just tested on Windows with OBS 29.1.2 and Python 3.10 installed. Python as far back as 3.6 should still function. OBS version should be agnostic barring Python version support on the OBS side.

The linked Github repo has additional information and install/configuration notes.

TODO List:
  • Add window tracking back in - I want to have a running tally of what windows were foreground the most often for the duration of the recording session. The old functionality only polled the foreground window at the moment the recording stopped. If stopping manually within OBS, it caused OBS to be the window it saw and labelled the recording as 'Manual Recording'.
  • Attempt to check for the active scene and/or source as the data source for an optional renaming mode.
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