1. maykolplays

    Instant replay has a 5 second residue from older replay

    Good day everyone, I'm new to streaming and started to use your Instant replay plugin when suggested by Defrag. I'm already done with the setup and used it a couple of time and it works fine. But since I change some settings to my output settings due to performance issues, something happened...
  2. P

    Free SNAIL - Free Replay Software

    I'm working with my friend on first freeware slowmotion software. Something like VMIX replay. We are working on this and I think software will available about September. More information on my SITE Regards Hubert/PoznanskaPyra
  3. S

    Question / Help Save replay is inconsistent

    Log file : (This session didn't save any replays in the folder I specified in OBS - The folder was accessible at the time and the drive had over 1tb free space.) OS: Windows 10 CPU: i7-7700HQ RAM: 8gb GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 Gamemode is disabled (at least according...
  4. DirtyPede

    Question / Help Replay not saving the defined length

    Hi there. I was playing with the replay feature, but it is not saving the full length. I have set the buffer @ 600 seconds, but only saving between 19 and 40 seconds. Any suggestions?
  5. W

    Question / Help (Solved) Multiple Replays?

    First time using replay buffer so I'm new to it. It works fine but there is one problem that I have with it. Every time I start the replay buffer, I save it and an mp4 file appears. However, if I save again, the new replay then replaces the old one, so I can never have more than one replay at a...
  6. G

    Question / Help 60fps recording looks laggy when replayed

    I have 70fps in CSGO (I capped it) while recording demos with the following settings: When I replay the recordings with MPC-HC or VLC it feels as if the FPS fluctuates between 60 and like 20. I have tried to set the recording path to my SSD and my HDD too but it's the same result even with...
  7. F

    Bug Report OBS Replay Crash

    Obs crashes wenn i start the Replaybuffer.
  8. Exeldro

    Replay Source

    Exeldro submitted a new resource: Replay Source - (slow motion) replay async sources from memory Read more about this resource...
  9. Exeldro

    Replay Source 1.6.5

    Download Plugin to (slow motion) instant replay sources from memory. Add a replay source. Set the source, duration and speed in the properties. Set the replay hotkey. Replay source This source replays audio and video after it is retrieved from a replay filter by using the hotkey or the...