Open Replay in Explorer?


New Member
Hi, I record and stream as a hobby, and video edit for a living. Wondering if there is already a plugin to do what I want. Sometimes I can't just download a clip, I need a small section from a youtube video (or sometimes twitch, disneyplus, hulu, etc) and I record or use the replay buffer to grab that specific clip to use.

You know how when you save a recording or replay it shows text in the bottom left "saved to <file location>"? I want to be able to click on that to open up the location with that specific file highlighted, and/or have a temporary button that pops up as long as that text is visible to allow me to just copy and/or cut the file to the clipboard for easy moving to my project folders.

Anyone know of anything like this that exists? If not I'm going to set time aside to try and do it myself. Thanks in advance.