replay buffer

  1. B

    Issues with 144 fps recording (replay buffer stopping, can't stop recording)

    I started using 144fps for recording recently and noticed some weird issues going on, most notably the following: Some times my replay buffer will just stop for no reason, it happens randomly, some times after a few minutes and some times after a few hours Randomly, when I press the stop...
  2. redraskal

    OBS Lua Replay Buffer Folders 1.0.0

    Replay Buffer Folders moves replay buffer files to a sub-folder upon creation. The sub-folder is determined by the current window title in the Game Capture source. The script requires the Game Capture source to be called "Game Capture". Also, only tested on Windows.
  3. I

    Enabled Replay buffer but the button for it is missing

    So While I was setting up for my recording, I suddenly noticed the replay buffer button was missing, I went to check setting if the replay buffer is enabled and it was. i restart my obs it didnt work, enabled and disabled the replay buffer still the same result it never came back. is this a bug...
  4. G

    Instant replay does not honor Max Replay Time

    I am trying to use this feature to show instant replays on a live stream of my kid's hockey game. I am using OBS as a virtual camera for youtube live. I have two scenes defined, one uses the USB Camera source (my external video camera), the other is for replay and uses the replay buffer file. I...
  5. managerjojo

    Open Replay in Explorer?

    Hi, I record and stream as a hobby, and video edit for a living. Wondering if there is already a plugin to do what I want. Sometimes I can't just download a clip, I need a small section from a youtube video (or sometimes twitch, disneyplus, hulu, etc) and I record or use the replay buffer to...
  6. S

    Best settings for recording a 4k source while keeping a steady framerate?

    I have a 4k monitor and want to use the replay buffer to clip things, ut enabling it nerfs my framerate from a consistent 60fps down to 30-40. And if I try to set the recording resolution to 1080p, it still slows down my game. I want to play in 4k and be able to clip things, but I don't care a...
  7. N

    --startreplaybuffer not working anymore in obs 28

    Since upgrading to OBS 28 the replay buffer doesnt automatically start anymore when starting obs. I used "--startreplaybuffer" before and it stopped working since the new update. Can anybody help with this issue?
  8. KGeetings

    Help with modifying Instant Replay Lua Script to incorporate Source Record

    Hello, I want to first state that I am still fairly new to programming in Lua, and am definitely looking for help and suggestions for my code. So I have taken the Instant Replay script made by Jim and Exeldro, and have attempted to modify it. What I want to be able to do is use the multiple...
  9. F

    Smarter Replay Buffer Options?

    I've done some research and poked around in my settings/plugins, and can't seem to find a way to do what I'm trying to accomplish. For context, I have my replay buffer running all the time, complete with a hotkey and OBS automatically starting minimized at login. This makes it behave essentially...
  10. I

    Wiederholungsbuffer automatisch beim Hochfahren starten

    Ich würde gerne das sobald ich meinen pc starte bzw ich mich eingeloggt habe das der wiederholungsbuffer startet da es sehr lästig ist jedes mal obs zu öffnen und ihn eigenhändig zu aktivieren. Ist das möglich wenn ja würde ich mich über eine Antwort freuen.
  11. O

    OBS Crashing (W11)

    Hello, I use OBS to replay buffer. I've just upgraded from W10 to 11.I use the same settings, OBS wasn't crashing in W10. Can you see why it's crashing from the log? EDIT: The crashing is random, I can have replay buffer enabled for hours before it...
  12. S

    OBS Lua Sound notification on replay buffer save [Windows] 1.0

    A simple Lua script which plays a .wav sound whenever replay buffer is saved. Credits: upgradeQ, Gima
  13. krobeN

    OBS crashing after starting replay buffer.

    my obs crashes after ~4 seconds when starting the replay buffer (or recording). In that ~4 seconds i can see my mouse still moving in the preview but everything else freezes until it crashes. things i've tried: started as admin/not as admin updated to the latest version (i was on a pretty old...
  14. S

    My Replaybuffer doesnt work :(

    Hello im Shynix and i would line to ask why my replay buffer doesnt work can anyone help my my settings are: mp4 format NVIDEA NVENC H.264 (new) encoder CQP:23 Quality Profil: high Gpu: 0 Max B-Frames:0 (Doesnt work i mean i turn it off so andit doesnt clip you know what i mean?) pls help me
  15. rival9999

    OBS Randomly Freezes video while using Replay Buffer

    Hey. While using Replay Buffer, it often stops recording and freezes the video. If I clip it, it is frozen, an example shown in the link below. It doesn't always happen, but it tends to freeze after anywhere between an hour and a half to 3 hours, but it can vary. It is also shown as being...
  16. Kwozy

    OBS Lua OBSPlay (Nvidia ShadowPlay Alternative) 1.0.1

    This is for the people who love the way ShadowPlay automatically sorts you clips, but don't like the limited audio tracks. This script will sorts your clips based on the current scene name(If Enabled), and because its OBS you can have as many audio tracks as you want. Just set the Base Save Path...
  17. J

    OBS Rarely Does It's Job and When It Does It's Garbage

    Hello. OBS has been failing me non-stop for reasons unknown. The record buffer button almost never works - it just won't save the last five minutes unless I reset the buffer, which means the content I wanted to record is wiped anyhow. Maybe because it gets full - but then why doesn't it just...
  18. D

    Cant use Replay Buffer in FFmpeg mode

    So I was wondering why when changing the Recording Type from "Standard" to "Custom Output (FFmpeg)" the option to use the Replay Buffer disappears. Is this a kind of bug or limitation? Or is it done on purpose and why?
  19. J

    Replay Buffer Not Recording For Correct Amount of Time

    Title. I set the replay buffer to record for 240 seconds (four minutes), and so far it's produced just a single clip (of like 15) that is actually four minutes long. They often come out as 2:32/2:40 minute long clips, sometimes even just a minute or so. Really frustrating problem, I don't know...
  20. J

    Terrible Recording Quality/Replay Buffer Inconsistency (HELP!)

    Hello, total OBS noob here. I am looking for an alternative to NVIDIA's Shadowplay, which has proven to be pretty unreliable at times, and generally lower quality. I've heard many good things about OBS, but despite looking into just about every corner I can find, I can't seem to get it to work...