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  1. Windows
In an attempt to move away from ShadowPlay and it's lack of customization, I thought I'd bring the useful functionality over to OBS.

This includes automatic replay buffer start/stop based on hooked captures within the active scene and the organisation of replays/recordings into folders named after the capture subject.

  • Now works with all types of window-capture and game-capture
  • Improved capture subject name retrieval
    • No longer relies on enumerating fullscreen apps.
    • Grabs the top active capture's Product Description, Product Name or exe name at the time of saving.
    • Exceptions now only need to target applications that can be captured.
  • Added user settings under the Tools menu
    • Automatic replay buffer can now be toggled off
    • Settings are saved at the scene collection level
    • User exclusions can be added through the settings menu
  • Added notifications when recordings are organised into folders
    • Both sound and dekstop notifications can be toggled through the settings menu
  • Automatic replay now checks inside groups and scene references for game-captures

  • Added automatic recording organisation
  • Added automatic replay organisation
    • When a reply is saved, it will move the recording into a folder named after the top most application's ProductName
  • Initial release
    • Automatic activation of the replay buffer when a game-capture is detected as being active (width & height > 0)
    • Manual replay buffer activation will not be stopped if a game-capture becomes inactive
    • Manual replay buffer deactivation is possible and will restart once game-captures become inactive
Currently only tested on Windows-x64
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Latest updates

  1. 2.0.2

    Two bug fix patches that should make file organising more stable, I'm also on the lookout for...
  2. 2.0.0 Release

    A bunch of new features and improvements.
  3. 1.1.3 Released

    Fixed a crash found in 1.1.2