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Recording Renamer 1.2


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cr08 submitted a new resource:

Recording Renamer - renames recordings using more data/variables than the stock naming functionality in OBS

This script was forked and overhauled from the RecordingRenamer script developed by pjw29 on Github for their own use so shout out to them for the foundation for this script.

This script is largely for my own personal use as well but it is functional enough and I feel it is useful to the community and decided to share. Caveat: My programming skills are still limited. Support will be limited and future updates/functionality have no ETA. I will happily review and include any PR's...

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cr08 updated Recording Renamer with a new update entry:

OBS Recording Renamer v1.2

  • OBS v29.0.0 is the minimum supported version now to use the obs_frontend_get_last_recording and obs_frontend_get_last_replay functions introduced in v29 to grab the recording/replay filename direct from OBS instead of checking with the host filesystem. Overall this simplifies much of the filename/renaming code.
    • Sub-folders are now supported
    • Recording folder setting option now removed and no longer needed to be input by the user
If you come across any...

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