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    Recording from PS5 120fps is flickering in OBS

    Hi, when opening Fortnite in 120fps mode on PS5 the recording in OBS is flickering, it's working normally when playing in 60fps mode... Is there a way I can fix this, and to play with 120fps? Log file: Thanks, Valentin
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    No PS5 Sound on my TB700 G2 Max

    Hi I'm using the elgato hd60 capture card with my PS5. To record the PS5 Audio in OBS I need to change the PS5 Audio Output to HDMI after that the audio works in OBS. The problem is, when I do this, I do not hear any sound on my Headset. Can someone explain how I can capture sound via elgato...
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    Periodic Frame Drops when Recording Console Gameplay

    Hey all, new here and pretty new to obs. hoping someone can help. like the thread title says, I'm experiencing occasional frame drops when recording gameplay from my ps5. does not seem to matter what is happening in game. whether I've got control over the character and action or if it's...
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    I need help with a problem: some fast frames that split when recording

    This is an example, when i turn the camera, in some frames this happen, idk why only when im recording with the ps5, not sure if its all about the capture device or the configuration i have. In the second example is more clear, look at the log its like its split in this frame. This is the...