1. W

    Question / Help Game Capture not working

    Yes, another thread on this. Believe me, I have read about 50 trying to solve my issue now. Before you ask, I am running OBS in administrator mode. I am also running steam in administrator mode. Anti-cheat is on. I absolutely cannot solve this issue, please help. The log is attached:
  2. B

    Question / Help OBS slows down games when streaming, recording is fine.

    I had this problem where my games were running slowly after a graphics driver update and I decided to roll back to a clean install of an older one (nvidia's v391.35) and the games were running smoothly once again. However, with this new driver my streams with OBS started slowing down my games...
  3. P

    Question / Help Text (GDI+) is invisible

    Hello there. So my problem is, that if I'm adding a Text (GDI+) source, the text is invisible. It doesn't show either if I'm using deprecated text.
  4. T

    Question / Help Problem with recording/streaming | Help

    Hi, I want to record "Black Squad" that is a Steam game but when I selected the Black Squad window it don't show me anything on OBS it's the grey screen. I delete it and download it again but didn't change anything.
  5. L

    Question / Help how to fix this

    i don't know how to fix this (resolution) click here to view the image
  6. M

    Question / Help Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported, or your graphics drivers may need to be updated.

    It used to work fine when I havn't installed GPU drivers. After installing GPU drivers, it just showed a dialog and said "Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported, or your graphics drivers may need to be updated." But wait, I just installed the newest version of graphcis...
  7. A

    Question / Help Problem with Lost Lines in Recordings with H.264 Codec

    Good morning, I've been recording for years and it's the first time this happens to me, a few weeks ago suddenly out of nowhere recording began to come out vertical lines like lost frames in the recordings ... but only appear in the recordings, while game is not seen on the screen or in the...
  8. I

    Question / Help I need help with stuttering and lags

    So at first i wanted to start streaming got obs and tried to stream the video was stuttering can't really explain it it would skip like a couple a frames load a frame skip load and continue like that and i thought it was my network that was pretty bad lowered everything the lag wouldnt stop so i...
  9. PartyNator

    Question / Help Cant hear in game audio

    When I stream I can hear my mic and when I play a video I can hear the video as well on the stream but when I play Realm Royale for some reason the game cant be heard in the stream but only my mic. I dont know whats the problem or how to fix it.
  10. N

    Question / Help FPS Drop When recording fps is over 30

    So, when i record a game (Which happens to be minecraft) in 30fps, i have 0 problems, however when i have my fps set to above 30 in settings,even with just obs open my fps drops to between 50-60. When i set the recording fps to 30 my fps goes back up to 800-1200. I've reinstalled and looked...
  11. M

    Question / Help HELP!! Fortnite Recording Problems

    So I've gotten really addicted to Fortnite and I would love to record it. My friends want me to post funny moments and gameplay on my channel, but I can't because of recording issues. In-game, I get a steady 75 - 125 fps when I'm not recording, and I do not lose a lot of performance when I do...
  12. R

    Question / Help Red and green channel are moved or have dropshadow

    Hi, i work for the first time with OBS and i need to capture a business Software in 100% Quality. But all settings variations in Forums dont work... The Picture looks blurry but it isnt blurry. (zoomed in Adobe After Effects 400%) I think the red and the green channel are corrupted but the...
  13. B

    Question / Help Program not on list for Window Capture

    I have a small program that is not a game that I want to record in the background, but it does not show up on the list of sources for Window Capture. The program is a simple panel of buttons that light up when I press them, but does not make any sound. Here is a picture showing the issue...
  14. Jo_Kim

    Question / Help Elgato Game Capture HD 60 video lags in OBS

    Hi, I wanted to start streaming. Because my PC is not the best, I bought an Elgato Game Capture HD 60, so I can transmit the video and audio from my PC to my Laptop, wich is then running OBS and is sending everything to Twitch. In the OBS Preview I noticed, that video from the capture card...
  15. M

    [Walkthrough] Build OBS-Studio for win64

    Hey Folks... ED: When i visit bigger Projects, im always unsure about build problems and read for easy reproduceable success stories. So heres one: I just followed the steps given within the OBS-Studio Wiki and succeeded with it. - Here are some shortcuts if your like me and just want to build...
  16. B

    Question / Help Audio Delay on Stream whenever using OBS

    Hey guys for some reason I am getting an audio delay when streaming it doesn't always happen straight away but usually some way through streaming the audio goes out of sync with the game and I have no idea why it's doing so, When I record with OBS it doesn't go out of sync it's only when I...
  17. J

    Question / Help Problems from motion blur

    every time I record I get light flickers on the video, motion blur and brightness problems. I just want my video to be perfect. Someone help please
  18. M

    Question / Help my game lagging when im streaming

    so usually when i play overwatch i get 60 fps but when i start streaming i get max 40 here is my logs
  19. B

    Question / Help Red distortion when playing games (streaming)

    I dont know why this happens i have re-installed obs, doesn't work, restarted my pc nope, but when i use the old obs it this doesn't happen don't know why It's not my internet here's pictures at my internet speed test : first is downloading and the second one is uploading...