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I am trying to stream from my game console to Twitch. Everything is hooked up properly, and OBS recognizes my capture card (Avermedia LGP Lite GL310). I have the drivers and the stream engine installed. The blue light on my capture card is solid. However, in OBS, I am getting a black screen even after using my capture card as a video capture device. (I also tried using the stream engine as my video capture device, but I get an out of range error in RECentral when I do that.) I have tried both the 32-bit version of OBS and the 64-bit version, but I get the same outcome either way. How can I make it so that OBS and RECentral show the gameplay rather than a black screen?

Here is my last log file.

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18:54:34.552: - source: 'Video Capture Device' (dshow_input)
18:54:34.552: ------------------------------------------------
18:54:34.558: Video Capture Device: DecodeDeviceId failed
18:54:34.558: Video Capture Device: Video configuration failed

It looks like your device does not support the settings you've applied to it. Are you running OBS and ReCentral at the same time?


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Thank you for the quick response. I have tried running them simultaneously and separately. Either way, I am either getting a blank black screen or a black screen with an error that reads "Out of Range."


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