blank screen

  1. P

    Noob webcam confusion or should I stop use OBS Studio?

    I have just started to use OBS studio and didn't get far to end up in some Alice in Wonderland alleyway. Are you not supposed to be able to connect more than 2-3 webcams in OBS Studio? If not, maybe you could recommend some other software for me? Because I'm trying to set up 3 webcams for use...
  2. Inksaar

    VHS to Digital audio.

    I am attempting to convert my family's VHS tapes (birthday parties, ball games, etc) to digital. I bought a Diamond capture device YEARS ago to do this. Before I go any further, here is my setup: Operating System: Windows 10 64x Capture Device: One-Touch Video Converter VC500 by Diamond...
  3. P

    Game capture leaving black areas?

    I have a strange issue after the last update. Now when I use game capture for Rust, or various other games; the game capture seems to only want to capture what is close to your eyes. Things further back become black, like they are not rendered in. I can turn on Display Capture and things are...
  4. N

    Question / Help can't capture microsoft onenote application by windows capture

    Hello all, I am trying to capture the Microsoft onenote application (office 365) via windows capture but unsuccessful, it gets blank screen. I use windows 10 and 64 bit obs. anyway it can be resolved. Thank you.
  5. C

    Question / Help Display capture device and Window capture device

    My display capture device and window capture device showing a blank screen, can anyone help for this.
  6. S

    Question / Help Game Capture doesn't capture game

    The following logs should tell you about OBS and my driver/OS versions OBS Log: DxDiag: I have tried running OBS as administrator. I have tried running my games as administrator I have rebooted my computer. OBS worked...
  7. J4Joseph

    Question / Help Black screen

    So this is issue has only just started but, whenever I play a game OBS records it as commanded but when I go full screen in the game, the screen goes back - this is on the video and the output screen on OBS. So basically whenever I go fullscreen, the screen goes blank but my audio and overlays...
  8. B

    Question / Help Black Screen/Out of Range Error

    I am trying to stream from my game console to Twitch. Everything is hooked up properly, and OBS recognizes my capture card (Avermedia LGP Lite GL310). I have the drivers and the stream engine installed. The blue light on my capture card is solid. However, in OBS, I am getting a black screen even...
  9. S

    Question / Help Blank Window

    Recently, OBS has stopped working as normal. When it launches, I only get a blank white window instead of the interface. I can't stream or record, or do anything with it like this. I can't even resize the window, minimize it, or close it. I've attached a screenshot so you can see it for...
  10. ItsJeminem

    Question / Help OBS not showing xbox game feed

    Hello, I am having some trouble with my OBS, when I initially start it up it will show my xbox game feed but after using it for 30 minutes or so it will go to a black screen. If I restart OBS sometimes I gain that feed back, often I don't and sometimes it will even stop picking up my camera? If...