Noob webcam confusion or should I stop use OBS Studio?


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I have just started to use OBS studio and didn't get far to end up in some Alice in Wonderland alleyway.

Are you not supposed to be able to connect more than 2-3 webcams in OBS Studio? If not, maybe you could recommend some other software for me?

Because I'm trying to set up 3 webcams for use in different angles when streaming but there is always one camera bugging out, giving me no feed at all when adding capture device or after restarting OBS Studio (tried restarting 5 times in a row and it blocked one random camera all the time).

I tried first with a laptop and I was able to get 2 webcams added but only one randomly working every time I restarted OBS Studio.
So I took it to my desktop that has a bit more power and hooked up in total 4 cameras (Logitech C920, C270 + 2 weird "Trust" branded webcams, one with HD and one without) and only 3 webcams are working, but always randomly after restarting OBS Studio.

Someone here in this forum mentioned USB bandwidth can be a hassle so best is to lower video settings, which I have done on all cameras (resolution: 160x120, FPS: 24, video format: mjpeg (if available)). I have also tried connecting through a USB hub (non-powered) and also directly to the computer, no difference.

Am I a rookie at this or is OBS Studio not a good program to use for me?

OBS Studio 27.1.3
Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit (ver. 21H2 if that floats your boat)
Intel core i7-3770, 3.40GHz
24 GB ram