Video Capture Device no more zoom functionality since update!


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Hi hope I'm in the right place I did browse for this issue but no finds... I have a Logitech HD Pro 1080p C920 camera that did work just fine. A while back an update created an issue where I had to configure my VCD source to zoom in to capture a specific area, me, with a green screen.. I never had to do this more than once prior to the update, now I have to zoom in in properties for the VCD source EVERTIME I want to stream.. all over setting saved.. this zoom used to save before an update.

Since last patch I now cannot even use at all the zoom function, I've read all about 'digital zoom only stretch the scene' and that but still it USED to work so why not now?

If I am stuck with 'you have to drag out the corners now, make yourself stretch bigger' in order to zoom then this is no good for me really.

Windows 10 btw, it did work albeit having to set the zoom all the time was a pain whereby before I didn't have to, but now I can't even do that.. it has to be an OBS issue where suddenly the support for this type of camera no longer works?

Any help please would be greatly appreciated, thankyou.