Video Capture Device not responding


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I wish I had logs to provide but unfortunately, OBS does not crash when this happens, I just have to force close it.
When I try to click on the properties or create a new video capture device source on OBS 28.1.2, it just displays a black or white window and eventually says not responding and then force quits itself. Screenshot below for reference:


I've tried to follow the USB hub advice, I've uninstalled and reinstalled, tried the 29 beta, tried going back to version 27, nothing works. I've tried to wait for the program to respond but it never does. I have left my pc for an hour to "Respond" and nothing resolves.

I am running a pc with the specs below:
AMD Ryzen 3 1200

I am using the razer ripsaw and the logitech c920 which both work in xsplit no problem but the thing is, I don't want to use xsplit because my computer can barely handle it.

I know my specs aren't great but I've never had this issue until recently on a consistent basis. It used to just only happen when I'd forget to run obs as administrator but now it happens all the time. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

After redownloading it shows there are no crash reports like I said, but you can see for yourself:



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I have the same problem to with my elgato game capture as well, trying to go into properties doesnt work and most times it doesnt even load the video capture. there might be some bug in there.


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ichch habe genau dasselbe Problem wenn ich irgendein videoaufnahmegerät im OBS hinzufügen will kommt dasselbe wie bei dotjadepeg egal ob meine webcam logitech 920 pro oder die game capture immer muss ich OBS schliessen ich hab echt schon alles probiert wie OBS deinstalliert und ältere Version geladen oder die Usb anschlüsse umgesteckt egal was ich mache nichts geht LGhub hab ich auch drauf alles funktioniert ausserhalb von OBS ich bin echt am verzweifeln :(


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open the default camera app on windows (start -> camera) then add a WINDOW CAPTURE source on OBS instead of the video capture device, use the preview from the app...