Устройство захвата видео OBS m1 не работает (Утилита веб-камеры EOS)


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Hi everyone! I have a MacBook pro m1 2020 and a Canon EOS 250d camera. Canon has a dedicated application for using the camera as a webcam called the EOS Webcam Utility. Previously (with the OBS version for intel), this application was easily captured through a video capture device, in the OBS version for m1 this feature was lost. The new OBS does not see that the application from Canon is installed on my Mac at all. The EOS Webcam Utility line itself is present in the video capture device and the "Devices" setting (it is simply present, the camera still does not connect), but if you switch the device to any other (for example, FaceTime HD Camera), then this line disappears (1 and 2 screenshots) and no longer appears (I have it, because when upgrading to the new version of OBS, I moved all settings, if you install OBS from scratch, this feature will be completely absent). I spent about 3 hours finding a solution to this problem, I checked all the sites and forums that I was able to find on Canon and OBS, I reinstalled the EOS Webcam Utility and OBS several times, changed the settings both in the applications themselves and in my Mac, no result, OBS on m1 does not see my camera. At the end, I decided to try installing the OBS version for intel, and, to my surprise, my camera is recognized there as before (3 screenshot). In this regard, I came to the conclusion that the problem lies precisely in the OBS version for m1. Please help find a solution to this problem, I hope I have not waited almost 2 years for the OBS update for the m1 processor to continue using the intel version) Thank you!
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