Video Capture Device - RECORDING - No Sound recorded


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I'm searching for days now, but still no sound. I'm desperate

So I connect the HDMI cable to the capture card.

I choose within OBS Video Capture Device.
I run the configuration wizard (settings for recording only).
The OBS windows system audio mixer is also set to loud.
The Video Capture Device's audio mixer moves, so it does detect sound, but it doesn't record anything.

I've tried all sorts:
• Restart Windows PC
• Restart OBS every time you change a setting
• Instead of default settings, use custom audio device (and then I choose Digital Audio Interface (2-USB Digital Audio) because the sound comes in through the USB port
* Disable conflicting programs such as Skype
* Close all other programs

PS. If I record a video from Youtube (via window recording) then I do have image and sound.

This is my logfile

in attachment the video without sound.

Thanks in advance.


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