Question / Help OBS/V'meeter Banana/Spotify/Youtube - audio crackles NOT fixed by lower w/cam res. HELP!!!!

Hello, you lovely lot! I'm so close to being able to stream properly but, of course, I have a last minute audio hitch - it crackles. And it drives me crazy. OK, let me provide some context...
I'm using OBS alongside Voicemeeter Banana so I can have all my audio channels separated. I also am using a Logitech C920. Now I have SCOURED these forums and found a ton of threads that have had exactly the same problem. They have all had a fantastic and SIMPLE fix - "So like yeah, I just lowered the resolution of my cam and now my audio sounds like the lovechild of Bang and Olufsson." And that is GREAT.

But that hasn't worked for me. And I'm slowly but surely, starting to go mad.

Please please please help me to fix this?


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Make sure the sampling frequency is the same in all your devices and in all involved apps. If you want to use 44100, use it everywhere, and if you want to use 48000, use it everywhere. Look in OBS, Windows audio device setup, Voicemeeter.
Hey Koala - thanks for the reply buddy, much appreciated. Yep, I've got everything set at 48k. Have tried every resolution available for the webcam. Have tried unplugging webcam - still crackling. It's so weird.


I had this too. I had to reinstall windows for this but it propably was some deeper issue that I had.

Do you have the original webcam drivers installed? The Logitech Gaming software does not provide them and I can only select I420 as a colorformat when I manually extract the drivers and manually install them. The one on the C920 page all the way on the bottom, the old ones. Then my webcam would work as advertised!

Are you using Asio4all? Theres and extra update for that to get rid of this issue if it's what you have.