Mic crackling only when recording a game


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I've a problem with my mic (USB Auna) when I recording a game. At higher voice levels it's crackling and ruining the whole voice recording.

First I thought it might could be a bug from the "source record"-plugin but when I tried to instances of OBS to record game and cam separately the crackling was also present.

- it only happens on OBS - not with the Windows-Recorder-App (I used that for testing)
- it only happens when I'm recording voice and(!) a game. (Tested with a game capture without starting that game)

I tried to lower the mic level in the Windows-Settings and added some db-gain in OBS - didn't help.

Afterburner stats shows that my CPU (5900x) is at 22% while recording so I don't think a weak cpu is the problem.

I read something about buffer sizes but I don't know where to set them in OBS. :-/

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!



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Does this happen the entire time or does it only do it when the levels get hot? I ask this as if that's the case (levels get hot, crackling begins), your levels are too high on OBS. Find the slider for your microphone and kick it down. Want to get it so it peaks at no more than -12 on the meters or so, it'll still be plenty of level, good and clear, but avoids distortion as that is what's likely happening.

This distortion is caused when you peak into the red portion of the meters.