PLEASE HELP! OBS Recording Issue


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I use OBS to stream our church services and Record the files. The Stream audio and video are perfect, but the audio on our recording is distorted and crackly. We use a program called Boxcast to broadcast our services using HDMI. To record, we save to our hard drive in MP4 format. I have tried saving to a flash drive and as a .mov file and it was the same results. I have updated all of our drivers, OBS, and last night did a complete reinstall and it didnt fix the problem. We have used OBS for a year and not had this problem until a few weeks ago. Any help you can give would help a lot!


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Read LOTS of articles on why NEVER to record to MP4. you get a warning when you record not to do that... follow such sage advice

Lots of Windows updates .. I'll skip rant about M$ code quality...

Why do you have Game DVR: On
You have audio devices at 2 different sampling rates - never recommended.. I'd advise fixing that

Have you tried an alternate video player to make sure problem is file, and not the playback app [lots of recorded instances of player, not file, being the problem]?