recording audio

  1. B

    Only Channel 1 Audio works.

    With the six available audio tracks, I can record my microphone and/or my application to track 1 but can't record anything to tracks 2-5. I've tried all combinations. If I record them both to track 1 it's fine, but I wanted to split them up to make editing easier. I've looked at a ton of...
  2. P

    Is it possible to recover the audio?

    Hey, I was recording something, and then it stopped because my SSD ran out of space, luckily the recording saved it in my "videos tab" but the audio is nowhere to be heard in the recording. Is it possible to recover those audio files or are they forever gone? Thanks in advance!
  3. R

    No microphone recording ingame

    Hello everyone, I am new into OBS and I wanted to start recording my CS2 gameplay with some voice commands. Unfortunately, OBS is not recording my microphone when I am ingame. I don't have problems if I am just recording windows, only if I switch ingame. The ingame sound is recording, so I don't...
  4. artificial-Link

    Is there a virtual audio output for recording via OBS?

    Hi, I want to record an application but I dont want to hear the sound the gets played in my headphones but still want it recorded? Is there an easy way to do this? Just to visualize what I mean: I want to record a Zoom Meeting and capture audio and video via OBS. But at the same time I want...
  5. Taser9001

    Issue with Audio Tracks

    I stream shiny hunting on Twitch, and like to upload the highlights to my YouTube. However, what I tend to do is edit the highlights, add memes, silly music, that sort of thing, so what I always do is record multiple audio tracks, so I am able to remove all desktop audio from the recording...
  6. M

    No audio on Youtube uploads - can't find the right settings or work around

    Was trying to do a simple audio spectralizer recording to go with my podcast audio. I realize I may have set up my recording wrong and youtube doesn't support the audio code, or something like that... But the audio plays just fine on my computer, so i thought i could just use OBS to re-record...
  7. A

    Headphone Microphone Issue

    I'm currently using a kotion each (gaming headset) as a mic however it simply doesn't work when trying to connect it to the source 'audio input Capture' any ideas that might be able to help with this issue? here are the log files: When I i say...
  8. Shyren

    Sound problem (echo, lound ...)

    Hi, I have some issues with my audio when im recording or streaming. The audio sounds awful, it's like too noisy and it's like if there was an echo. I tried to uninstall/install obs but it didn't fix it. I only used one audio track. Where is the problem come from ? There is a link to hear the...
  9. H


    I get great video,but no sound at all on recording or playback. I changed all settings per OSB instructions , nothing works. I have speakers set through a Vizio Sound Bar and my OS is Windows 10 Home . I purchased , because it was suppose to be plug and play . Please, help the stupid. Thank You
  10. S

    Amplifying the recorded voice

    I have recorded a video using the OBS studio. I dont know how it happened that only my speech is recorded and the other speech is recorded with a very low sound. Is there any solution to amplify the other side signal. any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. A

    Urgent Help Needed Before Wedding - Audio Stuttering in Recording and Stream

    Hello all. I am in need of urgent help. I'm the multimedia coordinator of a church. We have a wedding at the end of the month that needs to be live-streamed, but OBS has suddenly started stuttering its audio in both recording and streaming. It worked fine for the funeral we streamed on the...
  12. K

    PLEASE HELP! OBS Recording Issue

    I use OBS to stream our church services and Record the files. The Stream audio and video are perfect, but the audio on our recording is distorted and crackly. We use a program called Boxcast to broadcast our services using HDMI. To record, we save to our hard drive in MP4 format. I have...
  13. V

    I can't Hear my microphone audio on mobile (on stream or during videos) but i can hear my mic fine on everything else

    So i have ran into this problem for the past few months where during streams and posting YouTube videos i will check my stream on PC, everything sounds fine, on console, everything is fine but if i go onto my twitch app and check my stream i can hear game play but not my microphone audio. The...
  14. U

    OBS Audio setup

    Hi there, I've recently tried streaming more and now I'm having some issues with the following. I am trying to record the audio thats being outputted to my headset, so that its also hearable when I'm streaming. so that both my mic input and audio output are being picked up but each have...
  15. B

    OBS only records audio of applications opened before it

    I use OBS to stream but also to record podcasts. My audio settings are fine as far as I can tell reading other support questions, but if I open OBS before Discord, or switch games in the middle of a stream for examples - the mixer will show that it hears the audio, but won't bother to record it...
  16. TheLivingRequiem

    Streamlabs OBS Audio recording issue, can't find the solution anywhere.

    I'm trying to use Streamlabs OBS to record gameplay videos. I have everthing set up, including RTX Voice. My SLOBS is set up was well, with one channel dedicated to the Desktop Audio, and another dedicated to my RTX Voice microphone. The mixer shows them both, and shows that it is picking up my...
  17. D

    Recording Point Pre-FX?

    I stream music. Just routed my mic as a separate input and have a compressor/ducker on the soundcard-in source (music) so the mic ducks the music. I also have the mic set to only send on stream, not on recording. However, the music still ducks in the recording. Anybody know if there's a way to...
  18. B

    How to record Zoom meetings with external speakers?

    Edit: I think what I'm looking for is known as Echo Cancellation. When my mic picks up the audio from the external speakers, OBS cancels out what my mic picks up because it will be an echo of the Desktop Audio. Is this possible? When I record a Zoom meeting in OBS, my audio records perfectly...
  19. C

    Capturing audio file in OBS and sending it to Zoom, while recording Zoom audio in OBS.

    Hello! This is more of a "Am I right in trying to do it this way" and "If there's a simpler way, please let me know" kind of question. My team is doing a live play of sorts, where we are using Zoom to bring actors and sound design to OBS, which we then live stream to Twitch. So right now, my set...
  20. H

    Quad mic resolving channel mapping chaos in OBS Studio

    My laptop has four mic, representing 4 channels. When I use Audacity or Adobe Audition recording, they only uses the 1st and 3rd mic, recording correct stereo audio. But when I use OBS recording, setting the audio channel to be Stereo, the issue comes. The 1st mic maps the left channel, the...