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    Audio Quality loss

    For some reason, we get distorted audio on OBS why? - I was using voice-meter and it showed red on the rode mic which i was recording - I had 2 instances of OBS open recording rode - I was also...
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    Game Sound distorted and noizy

    I'm using obs 29.1.3. My recorded game sound (Jurassic World Evolution 2) distorts and noises a lot. Not consistently throughout the entire recording, but it comes and goes in waves during a single recording. In between those distorted sections, the sound is fine. No matter if I record it as...
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    desktop audio delay problem different each time, each live

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, I come because I have a systematic offset problem with each new streaming on my Youtube channel, I have to change the "desktop audio" and "sync offset" value (-50 ms here for ex), during the live. (see picture below) picture :
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    lag problem (desktop audio) with each new streaming, despite settings

    Salut à tous, je suis nouveau ici, je viens car j'ai un problème d'offset systématique à chaque nouveau streaming sur ma chaîne Youtube, je dois changer la valeur "desktop audio" et "sync offset", pendant le live. (voir photo ci-dessous) J'ai streamé (en privé) afin de résoudre le problème de...
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    Issue with vlc video source: muting sound at the end of each video

    I recognized a playback issue with sound in video files played back with VLC video source. When playing back a video, the last 1-2 seconds, are muted. This is the case with every video played. Most of the files are mp4 with H.264 and aac audio. The playlist is a local directory with shuffle...
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    Audio cuts out when using application audio capture

    The sound is interrupted for about 3 seconds when capturing different applications, I tried to use different versions of OBS up to 28.0 but the problem is the same, but if you capture sound from the desktop, everything is fine, the sound is also fixed if you use the win-capture-audio plugin, the...
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    The OBS update made my sound worse.

    Hello, today, after about a month, I decided to update OBS to a new version, which was constantly showing up after turning it on. After that, I turned on the recording, saying that I would make a great video, but when I checked, my sound got worse, it's unbearable, and there is no problem...
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    Buenas! Últimamente cuando hago directos en Twitch tengo muchos micro cortes, el problema es cuando me reconecta, mis configuraciones están como siempre y sale que está captando el audio como lo hace normalmente, pero en mi directo no se escucha NADA, después veo los VODS y solo ahí se escucha...
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    Sound not picking up!

    Hello! Recently I've been trying to record footage for future videos via FL Studio however I've come across a minor problem regarding the audio output on my desktop. I've been a producer for several years now and in older versions of OBS sound has been picking up via desktop audio (meaning...
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    Sound issue on OBS

    (english and french) EN : Hello ! I am setup-ing OBS on my pc (windows 10), and so far i have the sound, the mic and the monitoring working ! yay But at some point the sound in my bluetooth headphone starts getting weird and distorded... litterally goes "ghfyk25gFo5gfDTR3" in my ears...
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    Double Sound?

    I don't know what else I could do. I just hear the double Sound. Settings: Audio: Desktop Audio: default microphone/AUX Audio: digital audio interface (?) (USB3.0.capture) And the rest is deactivated Audio Mixer: Desktop: monitor off Mikrophone: monitor only
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    Mentre sono in live capita spesso che l'audio diventa "corrotto" in poche parole cominciano a sentirsi le voci robotiche. Il mio setup è: PS4 - MIXAMP - ELGATO HD60S+ - PC VIA STREAMING OBS l'audio di gioco quando diventa robotico devo attivare/disattivare l'elgato finché non torna normale. Ho...
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    No sound

    Hi I have problems, the sound of the game and my desktop is not captured in the recordings as in the streams. However the devices are associated with the right output. What can I do?
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    When my connection goes down the OBS is muted

    Hey guys, I'm having a problem with the OBS lately, whenever my internet crashes, which makes the live go down, the OBS comes back without sound on LIVE, all the Sound indicators appear OK, but on the live the audio stays mutated. If someone knows how to help me, I would be grateful. Sorry for...
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    Desktop sound in my microphone

    Hello everyone ! I'm using OBS Studio to stream on twitch, but I have a issue : my computer sounds (the sound of my games, my youtube videos running in background, etc...) can be heard in my microphone, even if I use earphones. So if I mute the sound of my desktop, we can still hear it in my...
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    OBS Studio won't ignore Master Volume

    Hi, I can't include a log file right now... But, my issue is kind of new, and I'm really needing an actual fix instead of a bandaid. 2 years ago, I was using a 2-pc stream setup, it worked great, I sent all my audio to the laptop speakers, toggled mute on the laptop, and obs would still...
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    My discord not record by obs.

    Hello, (sry for my roasted english, I'm french.) Well, as it's said in the title, my obs isn't recording my friends voice on discord. I'm using a sound card (the sound blaster x3) wich have two differents source of play in the song menu, one for the pc sound, and one for the communication...
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    OBS got interface-deaf for some reason

    Aight, here's the thing. I am using obs for quite a long time bcs it's the simplest and most effective streaming\recording software. In last 2 days i've recorded a few footages and while i was doing "cut the crap" procedures using vegas, i have seen some of the last footages having no sound. "Oh...
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    Audio recording is frequently cut

    Hello, Every time I'm recording a video, the audio recording is frequently cut more and more over the last few days. It is not a problem of micro (I've tested it with the camera of Windows 10). For many months, I didn't have any problems, 'till the last few days. I deleted OBS and...
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    Why obs reduce sound on discord ?

    hi everyone I was playing with friend and decided to record the game with obs so I call my friend on discord , launch obs and then his voice on discord was really low , compared to other time so I augmented the volume of his voice to 200% but even then it was still really low anyway , we...