sound bug

  1. G

    My discord not record by obs.

    Hello, (sry for my roasted english, I'm french.) Well, as it's said in the title, my obs isn't recording my friends voice on discord. I'm using a sound card (the sound blaster x3) wich have two differents source of play in the song menu, one for the pc sound, and one for the communication...
  2. C

    OBS got interface-deaf for some reason

    Aight, here's the thing. I am using obs for quite a long time bcs it's the simplest and most effective streaming\recording software. In last 2 days i've recorded a few footages and while i was doing "cut the crap" procedures using vegas, i have seen some of the last footages having no sound. "Oh...
  3. D

    Audio recording is frequently cut

    Hello, Every time I'm recording a video, the audio recording is frequently cut more and more over the last few days. It is not a problem of micro (I've tested it with the camera of Windows 10). For many months, I didn't have any problems, 'till the last few days. I deleted OBS and...
  4. N

    Why obs reduce sound on discord ?

    hi everyone I was playing with friend and decided to record the game with obs so I call my friend on discord , launch obs and then his voice on discord was really low , compared to other time so I augmented the volume of his voice to 200% but even then it was still really low anyway , we...
  5. K

    No desktop sound detected

    Hi, thanks for reading My problem is that the Desktop Audio device doesn't detect anything, I tried changing it but nothing changes. The only sound detected is coming from my mic. It worked fine not long ago, so I don't know why it won't work anymore.
  6. J

    sound/audio issdues

    when i watch a youtube video and i start my stream and open the game im about to play it often breaks the sound and than i have to open a new youtube video this wont play and just gives a black loading screen and also have to open the soundproblem solution and after about 10 a 15 min i get my...
  7. A

    Twitch/OBS Audio Error

    When im streaming all the users can watch and heard correctly the stream but once i finished they cant heard nothing except my voice. Can anyone help me ?? The Video audio is not muted by twitch, i think its a problem of the OBS… Plss i need help :(
  8. C

    Broken audio when playing pre recorded videos

    Hello, I'm doing some testing for a concert that I'm broadcasting in a few weeks that involves pre-recorded videos being played. The issue is with the pre-recorded videos, the audio is utterly broken when they're played and I can't for the life of me work out why. Here's a link because I'm...
  9. T

    Sound Bug

    Hey all! I have a strange problem. When I start the stream or start a recording, my output is buggy. My own voice or input sounds perfect. I have no clue how to solve the problem especially since the problem was there from one day to the next. I haven`t change anything in the settings.. You...
  10. U

    Struggling with huge sound issue

    Hi ! Everytime a constant sound is being played (like music for example) i get a regular tick (really high and almost painful) every like 5-10seconds especially with some more bassy/rythmic music. This happens only on stream and recordings i don't get that on my headphones. I use voicemeeter to...
  11. V

    Sound problem (speaker)

    Hello everyone, Sorry my bad english :) My problem is that my OBS doesn't recognize any sound from my computer, only from my microphone, I did some tests, and I also don't hear any sound produced by OBS itself, I played a video and I can't hear anything, anyone who can help me? Here are some...
  12. S

    Sound problem on Twitch (OBS Studio)

    Hi everyone, I did a stream a few days ago and a viewer complained of a bad sound. So I went to see what was wrong and, indeed, the sound was absolutely not qualitative, it was even very bad, so I was forced to stop the stream. If you can help me it would really make me very happy, I can send...
  13. G

    Using zoom H5 as audio interface - sound problems

    While I am using my Zoom H5 as an audio interface which feeds into OBS, I sometimes get clicks (as if the sound is peaking, but the Zoom it doesn't show it is too load) and sometimes I have experiencing pitch shift, again without any reason for. Is there anything I can do about this?
  14. M

    Audio suddendly shut down during stream

    Hello, I was streaming on OBS with usual setup (regular stream every month with same material - PC linked to a tablet to broadcast with just a simple image overlay. The sound system is coming from a mix table plugged into the PC). At the beginning of the broadcast the audio was fine, but at some...
  15. H

    Delay between sound and screen on twitch

    Hello i need your help. I have always a delay between sound and screen on my vidéo game stream on twitch. For the game sound and camera too. I add delay for the sound . But im not always sync because the desync grow up always during the stream. I saw some things about the device timestamp on...
  16. N

    Question / Help problem with sound

    sorry for disturbing and hiiiii have got a sound problem with obs studio, so basicly the problem it's when I turn on obs studio, all the sounds turn off, I see that obs detects them because I see the sound bar moving but I have no audio return, for example, a video is about to start, I hear...
  17. B

    Question / Help HELP !! Sound Issue. Magician wanted !

    Hi and Welcome everyone Sound problem. Audio interface roland rubix 2i4. Obs sees it in the audio settings but no sound goes out. You can't see the signal of the mixer itself when the devices are playing. I checked in ableton. Everything works without problems. Obs see even sound signal from...
  18. S

    Question / Help output audio from a game,music, etc.

    Очень срочно и важно, Пожалуйста, помогите, я играю, слушаю и транслирую на ПК через уши,я не знаю, что случилось, может быть, какая-то задержка в obs. Звук, который выводится в качестве устройства воспроизведения, показывает,что он есть,когда вы меняете громкость,музыку,игры или что-то еще,но в...
  19. Captain Dog

    Question / Help OBS sound has an occasional clicking noise

    This is a weird one - since upgrading to ver 25.0.1 I am getting a clicking noise kind of sound in the background when I have OBS Studio running. It disappears when I shut OBS down - I don't need to do anything just open OBS and this noise starts every so often in the background. Done all the...
  20. S

    Question / Help OBS losses sound when I change my game console

    Hi everyone! I have an issue with OBS, I hope you can help me to solve it. When I´m playing and streaming (from my Nintendo Switch, with my Avermedia LGP875) everything goes fine, but if I try to change the source game console without restarting OBS (I change the HDMI to my Xbox One, for...